Meanwhile the entire above article talks about a years long culture that its employees were too afraid to speak up about for fear of losing their jobs. but I guess that’s different for no reason whatsoever.

The asmon guy brings up a very difficult point. I believe he said he won’t be returning to wow? But he’s built such an audience and his ff14 streams showed that he doesn’t need wow to keep his career going. Read more

The amount of candor in that letter was surprising and tbh refreshing. Read more

Meh, 30 minutes is still a long time, and this is temporary with an unexpected surge of players so I’d rather some kinda quick bandaid was shipped so that people can play while a better one is made

Sorry bad sentence structure. I mean the whole thing white, with a knob

Wish it came in white. I just want a 75% with a knob that's white but that's really hard to find I guess

Dunno what journeys is. Sounds like somethin that doesn’t have bidoof tho.

Please drink a verification can

The smash community doing what it do best

Streamers knowingly illegally gambling on shady sites with even shadier sponsorship deals? I sleep. Read more

May I just comment how the mask on the syndicate guy is doing NOTHING to protect his identity

The people rating its ability to bonk understand what the public needs to know

A strong lack of dmc5 and god of war in here

Now that’s a man who knows how to eat

Every beta feedback from me will be "doesn't include 1440p support"

Having an all male cast is the most interesting part to me

Ubisoft always makes me so sleepy