10:42 AM

if you folks think this is socialism, i highly recommend revisiting your high school civics curriculum.

10:40 AM

This won't work. It's better to give money to rich to people because rich people knows how to spread the wealth.

10:38 AM

This just seems like the next logical step in the free market. If the town can logistically support the prices at the station and stay in the black then why not? Will it hurt small businesses? Maybe, but only if those businesses don't compete with the prices. The state government already regulates the pump inspections Read more

2:46 PM

I agree with you. There's always someone trying to force their behavior onto others. Regardless if they are in a diesel truck with stacks or in an eco car. I think if people stopped trying to force their will's on others the world would be a much happier and positive place as a result. Live and let live regardless Read more

2:34 PM

I always hated the fucktards that pulled this shit. Still do. When I'm Emperor of the Known Universe (tm), anyone caught "rolling coal" will have their truck crushed and be issued a restricted license that only allows them to drive fwd hybrids and have dogs under 25 pounds.

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10:53 AM

The driver certainly is stupid and reckless. Was anyone else mentally screaming at the passenger for grabbing at the wheel though? I understand that she was freaking out about the situation, but she HAS to realize that can't make anything more safe.

4:42 PM

Wrong. If I am in the left lane going 90 MPH in a 70, I am passing the people in the right lane. It's not a "move over for the fastest asshat on the freeway" lane; it's a passing lane. I'm not about to move over to the right in a lane that may be going 72 MPH, it may be going 45 MPH, just so your entitled self can go Read more