Feb 19

Does no one here fault the morality of the buyer?!? Jesus H - its like Tom is completely absolving the buyer of any fault, here. Nobody held a gun to the buyer’s head and said “sign here”. This speaks more to the “I deserve a new car” mentality of people than it does to the sales tactics of a car dealer. Dealers are Read more

Feb 18

It seems to me that the obvious solution would be to keep the car you already have a loan on, pay that thing off, and stop buying cars unnecessarily. Read more

Jun 24 2019

If my co workers were in a salary litigation I wouldn’t comment either. Also, did you consider your status as a blogger for Deadspin probably doesn’t warrant a response?

Oct 24 2018

I started picking up on interesting things that seemed connected in one way or another to keep me in spiritual contact with him. Buying “New Headphones,” “Needing Help,” New Horizons,” “Nice Hair.” Friends had the initials of the streets he lived on. He was manipulating me through the use of the “language.” I was Read more

Apr 26 2018

Son, we live in a world that has video formatting, and that formatting has to be guarded by men with comments. Who’s gonna do it? You?
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May 18 2017

If only we could find a car we knew his son would think is cool, that’s also fast and has a reliable toyota engine. How will we ever dream up such a car.

May 13 2017

...Esquilin was placed under arrest and handcuffed (behind his back, for the safety of everyone involved) and placed into the back seat of a police cruiser. Expecting a short ride to the police station, he was notably confused when the ride took approximately 17 hours. The officer then took him out of the cruiser and

Apr 17 2017

Gotta be careful with the safety flash when doing it, I’ve seen people get pulled over for it.

Mar 14 2017

Just remember that the fastest vehicle over any sort of terrain is a rental car.

Jan 19 2017

I believe that English should be more like German, and make up words to convey full ideas. With that being stated, I hereby declare that “tasteless and boorish rich who love to parade their terrible sense of style all over the place” can be summarized in the word “Trumpdashian”.

Nov 17 2016

Paterno probably could have avoided the injury had he not been too busy looking the other way.