Dec 14 2017

I’m just looking at the pictures and wondering “How difficult is it going to be to fit this in a Fiero?”

May 25 2016

Great post and awesome car. As an owner of a ‘55 Bel Air, I would add sway bars and suspension bushings to that list as well. New bushings can be had for minimal cost and can take a good deal of slop and play out of the steering and handling, especially if your classic ride still has its Nixon-era rubber. New rubber Read more

Feb 26 2016

Step 1: Throw your Windows 10 computer out an actual window. Bonus Tip: the higher the window, the faster your Windows 10 computer will run.

Feb 24 2016

Well, you know, bust sculptures are always shoulders up. Nefer titi’s.

Dec 15 2015

If your answer isn’t Ford flattie with finned heads, you’re doing this wrong.

Dec 8 2015

I like my PS4. But I definetly give more love to my PC and Wii U (thanks to it’s many first party titles and local multiplayer orientation) Read more

May 27 2015

Ridiculous. Wasteful. Perception of pampering child, when it does nothing to improve their experience or skills.

Buy a $5 bike from a garage sale for your child.
Spend another $10 on paint, handlebar tape or some other grip.
Let your child enjoy customizing their own bike. When they’re ready and motivated, learning to Read more

May 13 2015

Well yeah, he drove Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden in a Fury.