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The damages are pretty much nil, but it’d be interesting to find out whose service dog it was and, if it’s someone who just bought a vest on Amazon so they didn’t have to pay extra to take Poochie McPoopie on the plane, run them through the wringer for bringing an untrained, nervous-pooping dog on the plane and Read more

A more reserved approach could just be an outsourcing of parts manufacturing for Vanquish owners looking to keep their Astons roadworthy, but $26 million seems like a big investment for the parts of one low volume car. Read more

That is a sweet looking Porsche, especially in off-road form. Read more

Yes, but Ford has now forgotten to trademark “GT” or “350" so the new car will just be called a Ford. Possibly “The Ford Ford.”  Read more

Yeah, I was wondering if the buildings/billboards/graffiti had already been ‘scuffed up’ for the movie or if it’s all normally that craptastic. I kinda think that’s probably the normal state of affairs, but sheesh.   Read more

Stop pushing a Lotus Elise on me.
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You have captured my emotional state perfectly. Read more

I hate that I don’t hate this. Read more

LS swap —  The Ebola of the motor world: deadly, uncontrollable; and contagious. Read more

Looks like someone was trying to create a reliable Donk.  Read more

Yeah, shame on him for writing what we all secretly feel! Read more

Around here, anything more than the price of a used Miata is expensive. Read more

Mid-engine Subaru hybrid sports car? Factory Five has it covered.

This is the correct answer but likely not for the reasons you intended. Read more

You you are going to go Grumman go turbo goose.