Sure just about every modern car will out perform a Ferrari 250GTO but do any of them sell for $40M? Read more

It's funny how all the cars I grew up loving as a kid now are going for crazy money... Read more

OK, so I’m 50 years young, we all still have a soft spot for the Camaro, Trans Am, Mustang, 300ZX, Supra, NSX, Celica, Starion, 944, and DeLorean just to name a few. Track all these and see how they have all gone into collector status and command original MSRP in mint condition. Read more

Hmmm, everyone likes the 959? Its never really won my heart. Read more

California already does this, both my MDX and Ram 3500 had heavy vehicle charges on registration. Perhaps they are going to increase the fees? Read more

It's a ban on sales of new ICE cars, not an across the board ban. What's going to be interesting is how gas station owners are going to cope with it. I figure the very last significant portion of ICE cars will still be around for 30+ years after, so around 2065 or so. When gas stations start to close up or convert to Read more

Giving an NFL Super Bowl MVP a Hyundai is like one of us getting a nice coffee mug as a gift. Good, but ya... Read more

The concept is like a Previa with gullwings:) Read more

Just needs the horns on the hood. But seriously, it's in pretty good condition... Read more

How’s the ground clearance on the front? I live off a dirt road and my driveway dips a bit from the road (I’ve yet to level it off with gravel), low cars like sedans won’t make it. Really need 4WD because interior Alaska, too bad they don’t make the hybrid in 4WD. Read more

1991, my ‘84 GTI broke the left control arm ball joint at about 70mph right at the Orange Crush (5, 57 & 22 merge point in OC CA). Wheel went under the car and dragged for a hundred feet or so, tagged a Honda Accord at her left rear quarter but didn’t leave a mark so she just took off. Car stopped at a triangle Read more

I think they tried but it couldn't stop a Read more

So we're going to have F150 motors powering F1 cars meow? ;) Read more

Seeing how they stated that they need it for just a year, I'll assume they aren't keeping it and will sell it when they get their luxury EV. Most cars shouldn't drop their resale value after just one year but something to think about.  Read more

N: We have a couple of fast chargers installed in our town of Delta Junction AK. Now here’s something I’ve been thinking about: Sure batteries lose juice fast when it’s super cold. Even regular car batteries (why I bought Optima red tops) go flat quick when it’s -15°F or colder. But it’s gotten so cold here that the Read more

I guess if you must... having driven a friend's still going for a similar year Raptor at this price point. It doesn't have that much power and just a very spartan feel, similar to the Element. If you really like the looks then enjoy. Read more

Ya, it's just not the same and getting a bit boring/repetitive/________. Read more

I wonder how many ICE models will the automakers offer after 2035. Sure they will still make them for all the nations that'll continue to allow ICE vehicle sales, but I'm sure the choices left for us will be greatly limited. Read more

So babies have higher priority? We adults want to live Read more