Tom McKay
"... An upperclassman who had been researching terrorist groups online." - Washington Post
7:53 PM

As someone who’s preemptively terrified by the “social score/ratings” system using CCTV and facial recognition to be implemented next year covering all citizens in China, this almost looks a little less horrible. Almost.

2:18 PM

Facial Recognition IS the future. That technology is going to happen to us eventually whether we like it or not, but we still have a lot of work to do to figure out how to do so effectively, ethically, and responsibly. Read more

10:03 PM

Is this your first time writing an article filed to science? I have to ask because you used taxonomic categories correctly, which is really good.

11:18 PM

Let him Tweet. Print them out and bind them together in a weighty tome called How NOT to Plead the Fifth. Make them centerpiece of his presidential lie-brary.

10:57 PM

“With critical elections and shifting political dynamics around the world, we recognize that we’re operating in creating an increasingly complex and polarized political culture,” Twitter concluded, uselessly candidly.

9:22 PM

Your comparison is hobbled somewhat by the fact you learned after the fact about your headmaster. On the other hand, there isn’t even the slightest chance Bill Gates wasn’t exactly aware of what kind of a man Epstein was, considering how obsessive he is about all aspects concerning knowledge and learning. Read more

8:05 PM

I think Epstein’s schtick was associate with the uber rich so he could, uh, peddle his wares. We all knew that one sleasy guy in college who managed to show up at every party because he had drugs and shit. So this isn’t exactly a surprise. And it also wouldn’t surprise me if a bunch of these rich dudes tried to play Read more

7:56 PM

Ah yes, those 8:00 PM ‘meetings’ that last for hours into the night, so different than “hanging out.” 

2:16 AM

This just gave me a rage aneurysm. Let’s start with this, the article rightfully points out that negative latency isn’t actually possible, which is good. Perhaps even more worth pointing out is that you don’t even technically get 0 latency on your own system, though it’s measured in time units so small you won’t even Read more

1:25 AM

This reminds me of the time I went through Burger King’s drive-thru once and before I say anything the guy taking orders says over the intercom, “Pull up”. Read more

10:40 PM

Jokes on you, you accidentally woke up in 2018 again! What a rube! How's it feel that Infinity War isn't on video yet? lol

12:30 AM

I know someone living an hour from Lake Tahoe. They have had many power shutdowns. Some communities went days at a time with no power. Anytime they had a Red Flag day for fire danger meant no power. 

11:35 PM

No, that would be the equivalent of telling people who cannot walk that stores don’t have to put in ramps and other accessibility aids because those people could also use the phone or internet to purchase goods & services. If one form of commerce is available to one group of people, reasonable efforts must be made to Read more