11/04/18 5:28PM

Mint condition, low mileage examples of lots of 25+ year-old cars (not just 90s SUVs) are going to cost a pretty penny. That’s just how it goes.

But the question, really, is whether XJs will ever get like Grand Wagoneers, where not only minty fresh ones are pricey, but also ones in just “okay” condition.

I sorta doubt Read more

10/10/18 2:00PM

Also comes with the bonus of actively trying to kill you as the driver.

9/01/18 4:36PM

I saw the picture, I saw the name Sir Vival, and I started wondering why you misspelled Jason Torchinsky “Elizabeth Werth.”

8/09/18 11:27PM

It sounds like a very nice vehicle indeed - provided of course it isn’t plagued by the numerous gremlins Range Rovers are known for.

8/09/18 9:05AM

He’s the trois of the late evening menage.  He ain’t missing out.

7/08/18 12:51AM

I like the title “Took The Money And Ran, Suckas,” personally.

6/08/18 10:26PM

Not a comeback without a Trail variant. I’ve spent many hours up in the mountains with my 1984 Trail 110, usually loaded down with camera gear.

5/17/18 3:53PM

You must be talking about the Cayman GTS. There’s a 911 GTS that’s $20k more than the T, which Zack and Andrew are almost definitely talking about, not the Cayman.

5/03/18 3:43PM

That’s right. And when you upgrade to the next phone, you’ve effectively only paid an “upgrade” price, because you’ve gotten most of your money back from selling the previous one in such great shape. Read more

4/22/18 6:38PM

The article will be titled: “Why buy a new Keurig machine when you can buy this five year old Alfa Giulia instead?”

4/11/18 10:18AM

This is pretty common. They say the vehicles could be a health hazard (rodent/insect breeding ground), environmental hazard, ect... Read more

2/05/18 4:51PM

It already exists, its called WagonMasters, it’s been around for more than a decade, I’m surprised that they made no mention of it here, then again, guess I’m not surprised.