In my preparation for the 2017 season, I ran into a problem.

Considering the history of the Internet, since day 1 of inception, and all possible websites that allow posting a response to an article. I can truly say this post response could easily be in the top 5 of all time. It should seriously be copied over to Guinness for immediate review. I mean seriously tip of the cap to Read more

the engine will only last 31,000 miles.

I think that he was just referring to it’s current phase. That the Anime industry as it is today is going to die and that it will likely never hit this same kind of peak again. He is implying that the current phase where you can more or less get away with dragging anything out as long as you want while still keeping Read more

Targa Florio. It's quite like Le Mans, but in a rally stage. Seriously, something like this has to happen again, but... Read more