Nov 16

Thanks to circumstances I played basically none of these games. I had just graduated high school the year before. I owned an XBox for a few months senior year (first console I purchased with my own money), then it was stolen. I no longer lived with my little brother and his Gamecube. And I had just gotten my first PC, Read more

Sep 9

Yes, but there’s no in-universe reason to call it Patrick U-Wing.

Sep 5

Oh, it is on the left. I honestly didn’t notice until you said something.

Aug 22

Warning: Pregnant women, the elderly and children under 10 should avoid prolonged exposure to Apple Card.
Caution: Apple Card may suddenly accelerate to dangerous speeds.
Apple Card Contains a liquid core, which, if exposed due to rupture, should not be touched, inhaled, or looked at.
Do not use Apple Card on concrete.
Dis Read more

Jun 27 2019

Shoot, I have over 50 unique creations boxed up all the time into the relatively tiny living space I rent. The only time I ever have them all set up is when the local LEGO fan groups are holding a display. I also just bought a ton of bricks from a coworker who cant see well enough to enjoy them anymore, and I’m still

Feb 20 2019

Ha I remember when I was 5-7ish and used to refuse to ‘just do this part’ for my dad.

Dec 4 2018

Look at all his majesty. Those peasants in their thatched roof cottages don’t stand a chance.

Oct 22 2018

To make things a little more clear: on NES Tetris, pieces almost instantly get stuck to the stack. You don’t have the long grace period of more recent Tetris games that allow you to slide the piece around on the stack. Also, the horizontal speed of the pieces when you hold a direction is very poor compared to the Read more

Jul 30 2018

There’s just so much here. Part of the reason this situation feels so odd and unprecedented is because, as the letter alludes to, this is an extremely nuanced situation that is being handled in the court of public opinion- a court that is famously bad at handling nuance. Read more

Feb 16 2018

Anything less than 3 monitors is legitimately painful for me.
It wasn’t always that way. There was a time that I only knew a world where one monitor was enough. I was young. Innocent. Naive.
But then a friend came to me and regaled the splendor of multiple monitors. “Surely, he jests” I thought, “No human can use two Read more