Sep 18 2015

When I was 17 i was working as a child birthday instructor at a local kids gym. Right before I was set to lead my group of kids I went to the bathroom, thinking about how I was going to run the birthday party; I didn’t notice my penis was stuck behind my sweatshirt hood string (it went down to my thighs) until I could Read more

Feb 25 2015

I'm surprised there was no mention of shadow of mordor (I only read the first 15 comments), which had an alternative spin on death I thought worked really well. You had an infinite amount of lives, but by dying you made the game more difficult on yourself for your next play through.

Feb 2 2015

If you live in a big and city and work in a big city it can save a lot of side costs. I live and work in Seattle, where my parking for home costs 100 a month, and parking at work costs 300 a month. I use car2go and it costs almost as much as a car payment, but not having insurance costs/parking fees easily make it Read more

Jan 9 2015

It was hard for me to get into the show, not a fan of the time period or the early plot. Mostly kept watching because hey, nothing really else on. Read more

Dec 18 2014

The issue I have with sexual comparability is that it assumes genitalia are puzzle pieces that only fit with other piecpieceid he try asking what she wanted? What she liked? Read more

Dec 2 2014

A comprise would be to ask for a reference, realtors can still get a finder fee if they recommend you to someone and you purchase.

Sep 26 2014

Great review, a couple questions though. How do you the think the replay ability is? It seems like the nature of the game would make it very high, but I'm curious if it's high enough to want to re run the story somewhat soon after finishing?

Sep 24 2014

I'm wondering if you even understand what you're saying? Now forgive my ignorance, but I'm not recently read up on sovereign disposition, but doing some research I see that it has nothing to do with what I'm talking about. I'm thinking maybe you should actually say something instead of telling me to educate myself Read more

Sep 23 2014

the argument that abortion should be more convenient because it only puts women at risk is terrible. I mean can't you say that about every law? Read more

Aug 30 2014

it's unfortunate when anyone gets cut, get off your high horse.