Nice try, Giz but I’m still not turning off my ad blocker. 

If he’d had some Guinness he would have been fully fed. I don’t know why you think that’s a negative. 

He did come here in one episode. We told him (via callers to his show) to go back to Seattle. 

Oh please let him have an extended expletive filled monologue. I’ve missed those. 

It’s literally John Cena’s job to hype his show. Back in the day Schwarzenegger would tirelessly promote his projects the same way and it worked out handsomely for him. 

Got drunk, crashed his car and then started drunkenly beating on a family member’s door? Richard Sherman would have been last on the list of NFL players that I thought would have that kind of night. 

What happened to the good old camping percolator? The coffee it produces is certainly better than instant and while it isn’t as good as a French press it’ s easier to pack and you just leave it on the camp stove to keep it hot. 

I’d add the Starship Troopers movies/shows, even though I’ve only ever seen the first one.

When you believe in things
That you don’t understand,
Then you suffer,
Superstition ain’t the way Read more

So what’s the strangest guest on Arthur? Neil Gaiman? Taj Mahal? Click and Clack? Philip Seymour Hoffman? 

The only one that would be on my list is Walmart but it’s not like I boycott it. I just would rather shop other places and don’t bother with Walmart unless I have to for some reason. I don’t have to worry about Whole Foods because they don’t deem my little city as worthy of their goods. 

We’re talking corporate America here so you know that if there is a change it won’t be adding buns to the package. They’ll reduce the number of hot dogs and charge the same price. 

As long as they can still beat the shit out of someone if they remember to yell “stop resisting!” over and over the cops will be happy. 

I didn’t see grocery stores covering up their coolers, mostly because stores on this side of Washington tend to have more beefy A/C than the west side, but there were a lot of restaurants who closed up. Our local pizza place was only doing salads and fried food and they closed at 6:30. The A/C didn’t have a chance Read more

I’ve already purchased some high filtration furnace filters to help with the smoke that I’m absolutely sure is coming. We’ve maxed out the AQI at 500 before and I’m sure we’re going to do it again.

This can’t be a real trendy restaurant. The chef isn’t covered in tattoos and piercings.

Then they’ll be watered down.

I’m usually not a fan of silver, but I think I could overcome that if given any of these cars. 

They do have barriers in towns and along the starts and finish lines but I don’t see how they can do it on a stretch of road like that.