You thought the writers at The Root were actually gonna sit down and talk to these shufflin negroes?

Amazing that kid....standing up to his dad for a complete stranger. That kid will now have all sorts of issues with his dad because his dad is a complete jerk. Read more

Somehow, a dude working for YouTube and yet not knowing how social media and/or viral videos work is so fucking appropriate. Read more

The child looked to be a child of color in the video I saw on Twitter, so I wonder what life is like for him at home. Read more

I imagine the solitary confinement thing is typical when you lock up a foreigner, almost a protective custody type thing, so that doesn’t seem unusual to me. Read more

You first. My ancestors were brought here. Unless you are a Native American or the descendant of one you can shut the fuck up about who belongs here. Got it?
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The greys are losing their collective shit, as predicted. Its like they didn’t even read, they just saw a line that was inflammatory to them and they took it and ran with it. Read more

Yes they are cowards. As black women stood up and tried to save this country, 53% of white women turned their backs on one of their own. Why? At the end of the day their flat, yoga pant wearing, pumpkin spice latte drinking, This Is Us binge watching, Taylor Swift version of September listening asses will always be Read more