Oct 31

Say what you want about quality, or whether this car will ever arrive in the US — Fisker makes some good looking cars. Read more

Aug 14

Not to make a joke out of your serious comment, but if it makes you feel any better, you don’t know how to spell it in English but none of us know how to read it in Russian. 

Jan 18 2019

Ticking Mustang engine = growling human stomach; these are just facts.

Jan 17 2019

I was interested in Minis so I took my five-year old, plus his booster seat, to test drive one (two door, probably a 2008 or 2009). He complained voluably about his lack of space and general discomfort, went home and told my wife how he went to drive a car with daddy and it did not have enough room for him in the Read more

Jan 17 2019

Another $5k and they leave off the doors completely. By the time you get up to $250,000 it’s just two tires connected by a broom stick. Think of the weight savings!

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Jan 17 2019

Wow, that’s impressive! A plastic GM part that can withstand 4 pounds of weight. Now I’ve seen everything. 

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Jan 14 2019

Hey Look, Kia is introducing a Big Beefy 7 seat suv.  I guess that means it IS time for a recession.  

Jan 10 2019

I am speculating here, but they had a new platform that was not really competitive in its first year, and with the transverse mounted engine change just 1 or 2 years away i don’t think they thought it was worth it to further develop. There was a major chassis change in 09 for the impreza from the previous year. 

Jan 8 2019

Great Lakes does have an option to apply excess payments to grouped loans. I prefer paying off the high interest rate loans first since 3 of the 4 have the same rate, but you still have the option to snowball as well.

Dec 28 2018

Pilot Road 3/4 are fantastic commuting/wet treads, and even keep up in the corners.

Oct 22 2018

they considered it but determined the value of the vehicles was not worth the effort let alone $1.1 billion