Scara-Moochi Did The Fandango
Apr 25 2018

I get so fucking angry reading these stories. Time after time after time, “I feared for my life”. Meanwhile about 10 blocks away from my work, a white man drove down the sidewalk and killed 10 people, got out of the van, held up a cell phone claiming it was a gun and the police officer walked right up to him and Read more

Apr 17 2018

Fox News: “No more whining because after May 29 racism will cease to exist!”

Apr 14 2018

One of the bombshells already dropped on Friday with the reporting that Cohen - his personal “lawyer” he barely lawyers for him - was basically in Prague colluding with the Russians in the run-up to the election.

Apr 13 2018

What do I expect? Razor sharp wit and dedicating six episodes of setup for just one pun.

Apr 13 2018

no, you’re wrong. it actually looks more like the original show than the art you posted. R&B had deliberately terrible art,

Apr 13 2018

I think the trailer doesn’t do it justice. I’ve seen the show (I work in post-production) and it’s way funnier than anything in that trailer gives away. I’ve not watched any other version of the characters, but this one definitely is both silly and clever, and I enjoyed myself a lot.

Apr 10 2018

My name is Arturo, I love sweet potato fries, and I will never apologize for who I am. Never.

Apr 3 2018

The conservatives concern over immigration is based on racism and not economic well-being (as they would claim). It is nothing more than racism with a faux veneer of legitimacy. Read more

Mar 21 2018

Most faith-based films are Evangelical, though. I was actually wondering from the review if this was a Catholic production - the apostles and early church get a lot more focus from Catholics, Evangelicals seem more interested in showing God taking action in modern day.

Mar 21 2018

I have to confess, 3 was vastly better than 2, and Josh Brolin did a thankless yet fantastic job portraying K (if you notice, he works in nuances and ticks that Jones had in the first movie; it’s really a better job than expected). Read more

Mar 21 2018

I really liked 3. I thought Josh Brolin was a great Agent K. I felt sad that Tommy Lee Jones just looked along for the ride, though.

Mar 16 2018

Jesus, even if he IS there, is it that fucking tough to assume that T’Challa, or the Queen Mother or Forest Rafiki Character said “Hey, white boy. You’re gonna sit in this room with some popcorn, a Nautilus set and Netflix for a few days. We don’t need the other tribes seeing you right now”

Mar 14 2018

Aaaand I bet this woman gets zero jail time for any of this. Got to love the judicial system here in the U.S., the higher up the totem pole you are the less likely you will ever go to the jail. I bet if I stole just a fraction of that kind of money they would lock me in prison without a second thought.

Feb 25 2018

A dude, disguised as dude, who was a dude that was disguised as another dude, who looks like that dude for real! Fucking epic. Just what I needed today.

Feb 17 2018

So Trump firing Mueller now would be enough for impeachment EXCEPT that the GOP are a bunch of anti-American, sellout bitches.

Feb 17 2018

This can’t be right. How could Trump be out-smarted? He has the best brain. He has the best words. He is a genius, a stable genius. And he passed that very hard cognitive abilities test with the best score over recorded. Read more

Feb 17 2018

In California we do say “the”. It’s how we determine who the new transplants are so we can try to get them to pick up the bar tab. I’ve been drinking free for years now. Read more