Apr 8

Wait, what? the studio demanded the branding? Is that code for Snyder, because I was 100% certain it was Synder’s idea of 90's grimdark nonsense.

Apr 1

Look, DC cannot even get movies with their CORE characters or groups right with any consistency, what makes you think they could have handled something weird like New Gods?

Apr 1

I basically think the same thing I did then: there’s a decent story in there, but it’s not well-told, and there are three or four major decisions that Lucas made that really kneecap those movies, even the comparatively best of them. On top of that, his two biggest weaknesses as a filmmaker - his dialogue and his Read more

Apr 1

Why the fuck would Ahmed Best want to submit himself to that again?

Mar 30

Fuck Pompeo and anyone who associates with that fat sack of dogshit.

Mar 26

Honestly, I trust James Gunn more than I ever did Snyder or Ayer. 

Mar 23

i dont think i’ve ever seen him play a character i dislike, he’s a great actor.

Mar 23

Joe Morton knows how to play a character that makes a meaningful sacrifice for the good of all.

Mar 23

My God she was so pretty back then. What is she thinking fucking with her face like she has.

Mar 17

We're going to go from people mad that Reed wasn't in WandaVision to people being mad they don't visit Latveria in F/WS.

Mar 16

Sounds to me that the production team decided that he wasn’t a good fit for the character, after all, not that he wanted to quit. Read more

Mar 15

This pretty much goes against Diana’s stance in WW 84. She warned Barbara about going too far with her new powers and yet in the Snyder cut she’s murdering terrorists in front of little kids. How did Jenkins OK this? Read more