Jul 2 2019

I’ve bought my only new car and probably last car I will buy for quite some time. A 2017 Camaro V6 1LE. 2LT. It originally MSRP’d for 42,000 but I picked it up for 28,000... with only 11 miles on it. Read more

May 15 2019

if you think that’s funny, wait til you try to accelerate in a BRZ

May 8 2019

But you’re assuming that everyone is like you with similar capabilities. Finding work in a trade is not that easy- unions limit their apprentice numbers for a reason, and not everyone knows someone who would otherwise train them. Just saying “Get a trade job like me!” is akin to me saying “Just get a law degree like Read more

Mar 21 2019

As much as I hate to recommend molesting an R32 it checks all the boxes, and can be done without permanent mods or cutting, just don’t forget to add a skidpan.

Mar 21 2019

The answer was helpfully supplied by Torch in an earlier article today:

Jan 23 2019

Cars used to be manual options all the way up and down. Then they took the manual out of the top tier in most cars and a lot of us complained that leaving it in the lower trims removes options for people that choose manual for fun. Read more

Nov 15 2018

There was a fair bit of meaningless rain in that interval.

Nov 12 2018

How the hell are we supposed to argue when some clown like you posts actual, real and relevant data?!?

Oct 23 2018

Based on current design trends, we’re lucky we didn’t get this:

Sep 5 2018

The displays don’t tell you anything when the car is off. They are more interested in hiding all the switches in the cockpit.

Aug 29 2018

Just when I thought I had reached the absolute bottom of the internet’s insanity, I find this thread.  Kudos, all.