Gamora Thanos
Apr 9 2016

I do the recaps for this show over on the Observation Deck, and I honestly did not want to do one this week because my commentary would be nothing more than FUCK YOU WRITERS! over and over again. Whatever issues the producers and Nicole had, this was not the best way to handle it all all. It was a middle finger to her Read more

Apr 9 2016

You’re right. If your boss is being mean to you, bullying you by not inviting you to company parties or important events, scheduling meetings when he knows you cannot attend... and then after 3 years of abuse you quit... one could certainly say “well you wanted to leave!” and completely ignore the fact that you wanted Read more

Apr 9 2016

Regardless of why Nicole left, the writing of her exit is the disservice to the character. She was always Ichabod’s equal as one of Two Witnesses as played by Mison and Beharie. This was never changed until the retcon in the season finale. Sure they had separate stupid storylines in s2 but their role as the TWO Read more

Apr 9 2016

Context. The show runners were consistently disrespectful to her as a character and as an actress. The most notable incidents were when she revealed that they did not invite her to do DVD commentary for the show she’s the star of, and when people noticed that Fox’s Sleepy Hollow Twitter account didn't even follow her. Read more

Apr 9 2016

I was so impressed with Sleepy Hollow’s diversity that first season. A woman of color as the lead is a big deal. Plus the show had Orlando Jones as the captain. I quit watching when they killed him off, but I never thought they’d kill Abbie.

Apr 9 2016

I thought Sleepy Hollow was cool at first because the concept was kind of different and because they had a female POC as the lead. I watched the Pilot and it seemed like the show was about her more than anyone else. I couldn’t get into the rest of season 1, but it seemed like Nicole Beharie was central to the plot. I Read more

Apr 9 2016

NO! NO! NO! I’m never watching that show again. Fuck them! I hope the show is fucking canceled.

Apr 9 2016

They had a great hook, here — the same one behind the success of tons of long lived shows like X-Files, Fringe, all the way back to fricking Moonlighting: “attractive M/F odd couple investigates shenanigans with increasing sexual tension”. Read more

Apr 9 2016

This is important because the writers made a black woman feel expendable in her own damn show! We get disrespected so bad and all people tell us is to wait our turn! We have so few black leads out there and they killed one of our darlings! Read more

Apr 9 2016

I kind of enjoyed this show’s cheerful lack of concern for the integrity of the supposed source material (they routinely quote the non-existent book of “Revelations”, which is such an obvious mistake that it’s kind of adorable). It’s not a great show for watching, but it’s always been good for Read more

Apr 9 2016

Congratulations Sleepy Hollow. You made me forget how annoyed I was with The Walking Dead finale. Read more

Mar 21 2016

They were Kennedys. Honestly, what Fitzgerald wrote about the Buchannans could have easily been about the Kennedys -they were careless, rich people who didn't care who they hurt as long as they came out alright.