You’d think it would be obvious that, if anyone “felt bullied” by warnings of a rapist, it would be because he’s the fucking rapist.

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As I said about an abortion case, I hope that when Democrats take all 3 branches of the government strong laws will be enacted to support LGBTQ rights solidly so we don’t have to re-litigate this in the future. Read more

As a fan of the character, I don’t give a hoot. Kate has some high femme moments, but is better characterized as a free-ass m-f who can class it up when she’s in drag as socialite Kate Kane. (Just like how Bruce Wayne socialite is as much a mask as the Batsuit) Kate Kane’s look so far reflects her style for casual Read more

A minor nitpick is that Rucka wrote Kate to be a “lipstick lesbian” (ie, not just traditionally feminine but classily feminine, as befits a socialite) not a butch lesbian, as he wanted to avoid playing into stereotypes, and create more contrast between Kate and Batwoman. I’m not sure if this is acutally a big deal, Read more

I know. We’ve used the hell out of the Kurds. Without them helping, fighting and dying for us, working with us, our adventures in the Middle East would have been much more costly. Damn good fighters. Read more

I was too late with my submission last year, so here goes...

I’m doxxing myself because my friends all know this story. I waited until daytime to write it because it scares me so much.
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And yet Boris Johnson remains disappointingly unslapped. Read more

Sounds like it was humorous slapping.  I would like to see the queen slap someone out of rage while yelling, “BECAUSE I’M THE QUEEN!” Read more

As soon as the hot water and internet goes out everyone will immediately abandoned their desire for glorious violent upheaval. Read more

Part of the blame lies with the ‘Safe and legal’ language used during the clinton administration. The democratic party in selling abortion as something that is rare weakened it’s argument against the people that wished it’s abolition. This weakening meant that antiabortion nuts still had a foothold to fight against Read more

Because Democrats don’t vote in local elections. Read more

I’d like to see an interviewer ask our devout Christian president the following question when he next brings up his “faith”: Name five of Jesus’ apostles. Read more

Aside from being racist trash/an all-around terrible person, Jeffree Star always looks so terrible that I’m baffled anyone would want to emulate...that. “Reanimated corpse” would seriously be too complimentary. Read more

Thanks, Ming, for the inspiration you brought to Dick Wolf and to us all.

Merriam-Webster has cornered the snark market. Read more

The accused lives their life and the survivor pick up the pieces every single day. Read more

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