This was my thought reading this, too. She’s not in Texas. She’s in New York, where, should she happen to unfortunately get pregnant, she would easily be able to abort the pregnancy. While I still don’t think doctors should practice that kind of restriction even in states where the patient wouldn’t have easy access to Read more

(Pardon my foul mouth in this. I’m mad and hate that Tara Rule is being made to suffer like this.) This is appalling. This is stuff that a few years ago was in the Handmaid’s Tale and was “purposefully ludicrous fiction” and now is demonstrable fuckery. As a follower of Christ, I can tell you Jesus didn’t come down Read more

Any woman who needs medication that may cause issues with pregnancy obviously needs to be informed of all the risks in advance so that she can make an informed decision. Read more

Won’t someone think of the rights of all the hypothetical people?! Read more

Let me introduce you to the very commonly used means of preventing the very issue you presented: the consent waiver. Read more

Public places are seperate and don’t apply to one party consent, as if it’s a public place, then there is no reasonable expectation of privacy. Read more

I don’t understand how this is affected by the Roe v. Wade decision. This is in NY, which not only doesn’t have restrictions on abortion, it explicitly has laws protecting it. Things in NY are, by law, no different than they were prior to the Roe v. Wade overturning. So what are the grounds this doctor is doing this Read more

I live an hour and a half to two hours away from Glen Falls, and I’m surprised yet somehow not surprised at the same time that this is going on. What really surprised me was that this isn’t in TX or FL, it’s New York. I’ve lived in upstate NY for nearly five years now, and I’ve found that the further you are from the Read more

So your dumb ass never heard of a waiver, huh?  How’s that possible? Read more

Wrong. The answer is to have the woman sign a consent waiver and be able to get the medication. Then the doctor is legally protected and the woman isn’t treated like a child who doesn’t know what she wants. Easy peasy. Read more

This seems like an easy lawsuit as the doctor is putting the health of a theoretical non-existing human ahead of their patient. Read more

Fuck this. I’ve watched my stepmom deal with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome for years, watched her completely fall apart in front of me. Seeing how bad this can be first hand, and knowing people are actively being denied any sort of relief from it because our country is a goddamn trash fire drives me fucking crazy. Read more

Not true at all. In a public place you have no expectation of privacy and wiretapping statutes don’t apply. Consent for recording only comes into play in private, and in a one-party consent state you can secretly record any and all conversations you are a party to. Read more

The doctor has fucking insurance - stop concern trolling and grow even a tiny bit of empathy, you fucking dick. Read more

If the US ever had the greatest healthcare system, it was more than a few decades ago. Read more

This fits the same category as doctors who are not trying to help old people with chronic issues because, “they are old and might die soon, anyway”. Read more

You’re just proving my point, guy.  Read more

Someone tell me again how the US has the greatest healthcare system in the world. Read more

I had to argue for an antibiotics script for a kidney infection at an urgent care here in NYC in 2019 because I refused to pay the extra money to test my urine and ‘make sure’ I wasn’t pregnant. When I complained afterward, the doctor who examined me was texting my personal number harassing me for the complaint and I Read more

Fuck, man, that’s my local hospital. Fuck that neurologist and fuck the hospital for calling others in the area to deny her further treatment. Read more