I never really Kinja anymore except for during the spooky stories postings and it’s nice to see you again! I always like your stories.  Read more

Huh. This one actually makes me quite sad. Like, if that dude talked to your dad, maybe he would have been verbal if he’d been receiving better treatment at the facility. Read more

I’m much too late for anyone to see this. But I’m posting because this literally happened to me LAST NIGHT: 10-10-21. Read more

This happened when I was living in Chicago in 2015 in a three floor walk up apartment building. Only 3 units that shared the stairwell - mine being the middle. One night I was in a hurry to meet friends for a night out. Around 4am, my boyfriend and I came home very drunk to my apartment door wide open. We went through Read more

This isn’t my own story, but my dad’s - and my dad isn’t a liar. He’s experienced a lot of wild things taking odd jobs out on the road throughout his twenties, but this story happened right in my Indiana hometown when my mom was pregnant with my older sister. We lived in the country, and there was a hairpin turn on Read more

When I was 15 I was at a beach with friends and we attempted to jet ski but kept sinking our ski. I ended up walking back to where we had been on the beach by myself and it was long walk from the pier to our stuff. I didn’t have a towel to wrap around me as usual. I was wearing a bikini I had chosen myself from the Read more

I shared this too late for last year’s contest, so I’m trying again. This isn’t my own story. It’s my late grandmother’s tale, and I remember her telling it to me only once when I was a child. Read more

People always share really heartwarming ghost stories in this contest. This isn’t that exactly, but I hope it’s the prelude to someone else’s heartwarming ghost story. Read more

Dude, that was Chuck Cunningham! He famously went upstairs in season two of Happy Days... and never came back down. Read more

Oh buddy. I sighed for a really long time. I have a day like that where suddenly an adult man made me very aware that my body was a liability at age twelve too. Hating your body is its own horror.

Something that has helped me is strength training and pilates. Making my body feel strong helps me grapple with the fact Read more

He had decades of sobriety when he died, but the damage that he did to his liver prior to 1990 is what really killed him. I guess the cause of death was “cirrhosis,” which is ironic since he was clean and sober when he died. Read more

Back in 2011 I spent 6 months studying abroad in Cape Town, SA. It was largely a great experience, but at least at that time the amount of violence against women was incredibly high. We were constantly warned by program admins to be on guard when we traveled around, but of course being 20 years old I didn’t take their Read more

2nd story. My maternal gran had a three storey house, which is let out as apartments. This is in the 1950s, Wales. She stopped when they had an incident where a young woman, about to go into the forces committed a crime. She had given birth to a child, probably stillborn, and his the body in a linen hamper. The body Read more

Oh I strongly disagree and I’ve been reading these obsessively for a decade (though I almost never comment). The gratuitous architectural detailing is what clues me in that this is not someone’s masturbatory creative writing exercise. The architectural minutiae tells me that something happened to someone that was so Read more

Question for all of us in the comments. Do you prefer: Read more

I’ve got a scary story. About 4 times I’ve come back to this tab that I have kept open the whole time and the most dreaded thing has happened. The page has been reloaded and sent me back to the top. Read more

This happened when I was around 13 or 14. My dad had recently passed away, so it was just me, my mom, and my 5-years-younger brother. After my dad died, my mom became really adamant about always keeping the doors locked all the time, even though we lived in a safe, quiet neighborhood in a safe, quiet Alaskan town. I Read more

You forgot to include the line after the unnecessary description of the house layout “This will be very important later, trust me.” Read more

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