6/18/20 1:17PM

In July 1932, the Nazis won the largest plurality (32 percent) in German parliament but had other parties formed a coalition, they could have held back the Nazis. But the other parties didn’t: they were obsessed with infighting over smaller differences and failed to see the larger, existential threat. This is that Read more

6/18/20 12:53PM

I don’t want to hear anybody say that this is an accident. I’m sick of the excuse of stupidity or ignorance to be used to defend this administration’s actions (“Trump’s too stupid to know it is a Nazi symbol, yada yada yada). Even if say Trump really didn’t know, he is not operating alone in the White House. He has Read more

6/13/20 10:48PM

That area has a LOT of pedestrian traffic anyway. It’s mostly bars, restaurants, and music venues. It’s literally the weekend party spot for the 20/30 something crowd. What they have is BLM mixed with a hippie socialism fantasy (and I’m democratic socialist). Right now things are very calm and peaceful, but I think Read more

6/07/20 8:08PM

Ronald Reagan and his deliberate destruction of the U.S. educational system. 

6/07/20 7:36PM

Honestly, as someone who lives in America and has a degree in biology, people literally choose stupidity. It is a choice. Being intelligent is difficult. It takes effort, money, and time. Not to mention, accepting truth over false information has a negative mental impact. If you choose to believe whatever makes you Read more

6/07/20 6:21PM

Can someone intelligent, who has a doctorate in sociology, history or somethin explain why Americans have a dumb problem?

6/05/20 4:20PM

you know what’s infuriating? if trump gets voted out in november, it’s not the end of trump. he will constantly be in the news bc he will constantly be saying and doing fucked up shit and the media will cover it for clicks and views. i don’t want to see or hear from him ever again. you know his ass would still be Read more

6/05/20 3:26PM

I hope Donald Trump dies a slow, horrible, lingering, painful death where his body fails him piece by piece yet his mind remains fully intact so that he's completely aware of everything that's happening. 

6/05/20 2:49PM

Honestly, very respectfully, Mr. President, suck my dick.

6/01/20 11:22AM

Now the Deplorables are going to rally around him even more now that ANTIFA has been revealed at the Big Bad in this season of “Our Shitty President.” Now they get to hate someone for making them wear masks at the Wal-Mart and all they’ve ever really wanted was someone to hate so they can feel better about themselves.

6/01/20 11:14AM

What can he say after all? He doesn’t have the capacity to actually lead a nation. We all knew that in 2016. That we got this far before the country faced major crisis was just the luck of the draw. There was little doubt that if and when the country looked to him for real leadership, he could rise to the challenge. Read more

5/30/20 4:49AM

It is a threatening, violence & murder-inducing statement by the President, during a riot. It is criminal, evil, and must not be allowed. Read more

5/27/20 10:45AM

He’s literally accusing someone he doesn’t like of murder in order to discredit them.  There really aren’t words strong enough to describe the insanity of this administration.

5/18/20 1:18PM

I would believe I had failed as a parent, if i had one adult child who spent his days tweeting out racist Pepe memes, and the other was on twitter calling a presidential candidate a pedophile, just for kicks. I would be horrified at the bad job I did as a parent to have raised kids to be dumb, cruel, racist fucks.