THShorn92 - Left his car in America

I like it. My Dad has been in the fire service my whole life so I grew up around it. Following things like this is one of my biggest hobbies. I consider myself just a fire buff but who knows, one day when I'm done with school I'd like to volunteer or something.

Just stumbled across this article. Great stuff, people expect more of you when they find out you are an Eagle and I enjoy living up to that standard. The article describes me to the tee. Started scouts as a Wolf in cub scouts and haven't stopped since. Got my Eagle in 2010 and now I am an ASM under my dad in the troop Read more

I'd Imagine there are more. They are just hiding somewhere. But It's cool to know that there is at least us.

Sweet. Im up right across the Pender County line in Scotts Hill. I seem to recall a few other Jalops in our general area

Thats my neck of the woods too. Pistol Pete, 45 Minutes what way? I live up on the north side of Wilmington.

I have to complain about the exclusion of Olympus from the DSLR Category. Their kit glass is tons better than nikon of cannon.

Wait!, I know, Instead of converting it to actual 3d they will just use cgi to recreate it. There we go problem solved. Read more

Did anyone else notice the chic laughing in-between oh-my-goodness-I'm-sorrys?