THShorn92 - Left his car in America
Jun 5 2018

Ahh, we went to Deia and it was incredible. Make sure you get down to Cala de Deia. We stayed over in the middle of the island near Inca and it served as a nice base of operations for us. Enjoy!

Jun 4 2018

Didn’t hit this road, but the little V40 Cross Country rental I had when I was in Mallorca last year was a blast on these curvy little roads. And the views were amazing as well. Enjoy!

Feb 23 2018

I should also point out, that while expensive for a consumer setup, you are getting a lot of bang for your buck. Nothing in the market comes close to Ubiquiti’s price point for what they are providing. You also can forgo the Cloud key and run the controller on...well really any computer.

Feb 22 2018

What’s your budget. A really solid option on the market at the moment is from Ubiquiti. You have to get a few pieces of gear instead of an all-in-one but it is rock solid and easy to use. You also get pretty graphs! Read more

Dec 1 2017

I’ve watched a lot of their stuff online. It really seems like something more suited to a video considering the style and band changes between each song. I’ve noticed a whole slew of different musicians in the videos too so I’m sure it’s always different when they are live.