It was interesting how Don Eladio reacted to hearing that Nacho was with Tuco. He’s was like “holy shit you must be crazy.”
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It is a different kind of work. I’m a lawyer and criminal defense work is very different they working in legal aid where you do a lot of landlord tenant work or family law cases. Criminal defense work requires someone who can (a) think like a criminal and understand how the criminal mind works (b) someone who can Read more

I think she made good money from the big firm, Jimmy has money coming in (including $100k from Lalo) and they should get $2M from the settlement. Read more

Bullying and destroying someone because he is a dick and you don’t like him is not a proportional response. Howard is definitively the typical spoiled rich kid who was born on third and thinks he hit a triple but he’s not an evil person. Shit, Chuck was probably closer to “evil” then Howard.
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She’s damaged, just like Jimmy. Even the “harmless scams” she has run with Jimmy in the past are symptoms of someone who is willing to lie and steal for self-gratification. I love Kim Wexler’s character - it is deep, rich, fascinating and textured - but she’s not someone any sane person should aspire to emulate and Read more

I agree 100%. Kim didn’t intimidate Lalo down so much as make him think about how Lalo could trust and who he could not trust. Read more

It’s all a bit odd and I’m not sure I have it figured out. Gus wants Lalo out of jail and back in Mexico (which, of course, is also what Lalo wants) and the Don wanted Lalo to stay in jail (probably because he does not like Lalo or any of the Salemancas) so the Don set the ambush to get the money from Jimmy to keep Read more

It is also quite possible that he really is just a cockroach and doesn’t really care about anyone that deeply.  I’m not sure I would consider Saul and Kim’s romance one for the ages but UMMV. Read more

He also says “it wasn’t me it was Ignacio [Nacho]” and that “I’m a friend of the cartel” in Spanish. Read more

I’d argue that neither Jesse nor Kim are “innocents” but your parallel is a good one. Read more

In a healthy relationship you are correct.  Jimmy and Kim do not have a healthy relationship.  She is attracted to him, in no small part, because he is a con man and runs scams on people.  That’s who he is and she can’t expect him to just stop on a dime.   Read more

Agreed.  Jimmy saw Howard for who he is:  the untalented rich kid who rode everyone else’s coattails.  He actually has zero respect for Howard and for Howard to offer him a job is an insult in his own mind. Read more

Petty beef has the most flavor.
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“Ricky Martin-wannabe.”  Damn that’s some cold-ass trash talk right there. 
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It took them a whole 24 hours?  Where’s my fainting couch?  Lord I’ve got me the vapors!
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In the struggle for control over what happens in Asia, Japan and China are on opposite sides.  China has a great interest in anything anyone does in Japan to the extent they also want to do business in China.  The NBA brass and NBA owners certainly understand this as they have been working very hard to tap the Asian Read more

Agreed. I have no problem with exuberance. Hit a big homerun or got a strike out in a big spot? Go right ahead with your fist pump, your clapping, your jumping around. But disrespecting your opponent is bullshit. In cricket (the “mother sport” of baseball) there is a saying “it’s just not cricket” which is to say it Read more

It’s certainly a movie about the ravages of war - both physical and mental.  Rambo is dealing with PTSD and survivor’s guilt - he was in town to visit an Army buddy only to learn to died of cancer related to Agent Orange exposure.
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