Oct 9

Obviously it’s going to be a military doctor under orders to declare him the healthiest human alive.

Aug 21

Last year, my school rejected the suggestion that we should teach white students not to mimic phrases from memes and TikToks that influencers have picked up from Black culture Read more

Aug 8

The juxtaposition of guns and God in these statements makes me think that Donald Trump thinks the God his base is worshipping is the NRA.

Jul 31

No. They’ll count the ballots they have and if the USPS is holding the ballots of predominantly Democratic counties or cities when the deadline passes, Trump will win.

Jul 27

I’d guess most of this generation is going to look a lot like last generation but smoother and crisper due to 4k resolutions and 60 fps if they actually pull that off. Read more

Jul 21

“factors such as height, the presence (but not the absence) of facial hair, the presence of an Adam’s apple, and other physical characteristics which, when considered together, are indicative of a person’s biological sex.”
Read more

Jul 6

Why do I feel like Trump is going to end up issuing an EO requiring the permit to be issued under national security grounds and SCOTUS will roll over for belly rubs?

Jun 26

Well on Thursday, Tom Cotton, whose name just feels racist, was back at it again, arguing that the District of Columbia does not deserve to be a state, asserting that while Wyoming has a smaller population, it has a greater right because it’s a “well-rounded working-class state.” Read more

Jun 23

I don’t understand why people were paying to see this guy fuck at any point in our history. This guy is the original “Ugly Bastard”.

Jun 19

If you’re going to ask people to go back to work without the virus being 100% gone, you’re going to ask them to wear masks. It’s bonkers that Republicans want to re-open their economies without people doing the bare minimum to not kill off their vulnerable populations. Read more

Jun 18

If you’re going out of your way to hire cops other departments don’t want, I would not want to be pulled over in your jurisdiction. The rest of the department is going to be doing all the things those guys got fired for and not punished for it and that’s absolutely horrifying.

Jun 18

I can’t imagine a country as borderline psychotic as Amerikkka not having armed police. I also can’t imagine sending people out to police this nutso country without some allowance for defending themselves from gun-toting yahoos. Read more

Apr 3

They won’t get it until men in hazmat suits are using flamethrowers to burn piles of bodies in the streets.

Mar 27

We’ve been doing regular firmware updates on spinning HDDs for enterprise storage arrays for years. Makes you wonder what kind of issues consumer HDDs have that just never get fixed. 

Mar 26

So we finally reached the endgame of this hoax. Shut down the gun stores to force them to go out of business. Meanwhile you liberals hand out free Pornhub premium in an attempt to get us good Christians addicted to interracial cuckhold lesbian transgender stepsister porn. I don’t know if that is a single genre but it Read more