Thor's Hammered
Jul 30

With their new government, people in Bolivia who complain will simply cease to exist. Your CIA tax dollars at work!!

Jul 30

Evergreen image.

Elon always sucks.

Somehow his flock still manages to be worse.

Jul 27

I want to rate this NP, but $9900 is about $900 too high for an asking price, and $1400 too high for a selling price.

Jul 1

Its hard to see people happy when you try to oppress them for 400 years, this Karen knows the game plan and hates it. Read more

Jul 1

Yep - you could see her wilt when she saw her white neighbors didn’t have her back.

Jul 1

The demographic of protesters is inspirational. White people need to call out their own EVERY - TIME. The victim has no power unless the status quo is supportive.

Jun 2

You’d hope she’d reap the whirlwind but I don’t know if the NY Ladies Who Lunch circle are doing the performative woke thing lately or would Trump-ily rally around some accented preferable foreigner. I mean, she was in full rich bitch regalia: straw hat (preserving fish belly paleness), stringy blonde hair (seriously, Read more

Jun 2

My problem with these idiots, and lets make no mistake, they are idiots.. is they are hurting themselves.. Even if they don’t care one iota about another person (which they obviously don’t).. care for yourself.. these cases simply make it harder for truthful women to be take seriously when they report crimes. It makes Read more

Apr 15

I grow produce every year. If I needed to rely on what I grow every year for my family to survive, we would starve.  Besides, it’s too damn early for planting most crops in Michigan.  I live in Ohio.  The whole seed story is BS.

Apr 15

It's safe to assume these people are fucking morons because they're acting like fucking morons. 

Apr 8

Affluenza. He was born white, male, rich, and privileged. He has never had to face consequences for anything. No one ever told him no, and in fact he was almost constantly rewarded for acting like a psychopath. Read more

Apr 1

Just riding a sportbike on the road it tiring and requires you to be in shape. Riding a 300hp MotoGP bike balls out around a race track for 45 minutes is absolutely athletic. The amount of strength you need to throw yourself around a bike at the Gs they pull requires these guys to be athletes. Read more