Thor's Hammered
6/11/21 11:48AM

So they canceled the only good thing that matters (500+ mile range option), and basically made this a very expensive performance pack with a stupid steering wheel design.

6/10/21 5:49PM

I still own one of those LR3s. That 4.4 is a Jaguar engine, not a Ford, but it and the transmission have been bulletproof. It’s the various sensors, lower control arm replacements, suspension air compressor, gasoline (About 12 mpg in the city. 91 octane only) and the tires that have really added up over the years. I’m Read more

6/09/21 10:55AM

Besides the fact this site’s comment section sucks, the link I shared from ProPublica stated how much they actually made for the year that should’ve been taxed, but they found ways to make the payment cheaper, such as pretty much lying about how much they made. That is showing how bad the tax system is.

6/08/21 10:03PM

They don’t.

6/08/21 9:40PM

Those billionaires sure need defending dude! Not like they’re actively harming the rest of us or anything! Read more

6/08/21 8:03PM

You’ll note that the paragraph you just cherry picked from didn’t mention that I was bitter they were able to AFFORD the car. I’m bitter that they don’t have to receive any kind of special TRAINING to buy the car.

Rich people do dumb shit with their money every day, but something that makes everyone around them less Read more

6/08/21 2:56PM

He was assessed that three second penalty during the race.  After the race was over, they assessed an additional three seconds for the suit.  It wasn’t very clear even on the MotoGP site at first, but that’s what happened.  The total of six seconds dropped him from third to sixth.  This is mentioned in the final Read more

6/08/21 8:09AM

yup.  Just keep nibbling on that boot.  Must taste soooo good.

6/08/21 8:09AM

Question asked and question answered in your comment. People are obsessed with this because it illustrates how our tax laws unfairly benefit billionaire parasites, and need to change.

6/08/21 8:08AM

It’s a lack of understanding how the system works that causes people to think what people like Musk or Trump is doing is admirable. Cause they’re just playing the game, yo.

Except what they do and how they profit absolutely effects everyone else, not only because they’re robbing us of money that should be going to the Read more

6/08/21 8:07AM

Thanks for highlighting this totally secret bit of inside knowledge that is 100% addressed in the article above.🙄

6/08/21 7:49AM

You do realize that his wealth and power allow him to influence the people who write the laws, yes? It's not that simple.

6/08/21 7:48AM

And if you get to unilaterally define what income means to avoid paying taxes, that's still cheating the system.

6/08/21 7:45AM

Uh, no, that’s not how it works. You do realize that taxes and their codes have existed longer than our actual democracy, right? We didn’t invent them from whole cloth, we largely took all the disparate tax systems in the union (“we” being the non-elected leaders of the colonies) and kept the bits that we could agree Read more

6/03/21 3:59PM

Heads up, the US backed genocide in Indonesia a decade before that (1965/66). Plus the various stuff the US pulled in Central/South America. The Vietnam War. The various coups across the world. The extrajudicial killings. The continued refusal to take part in the international criminal court. Continued support of Read more