11:09 AM

It’s bizarre, but I don’t think govt debt is ever intended to be paid off in the modern system. It’s just inflated away with adjustments to supply made by taxes & central bank rates etc. More than half of all money in existence has been “made” in the last 40 years.

1:44 PM

It doesn’t matter whether a suburb is in another state, it’s the case with a huge proportion of cities here; south Jersey is likewise largely a suburb of Philadelphia. Kenosha, Wisconsin is considered a suburb of Chicago, Illinois even though it’s closer to Milwaukee, a not-insubstantial city also in Wisconsin; Read more

11:59 AM

There are certain benefits to living in a country town - cost of living is typically dramatically cheaper, neighbors tend to actually know each other and help each other in times of need, competition for jobs trends lower, and working for yourself tends to be a lot more realistic. Read more

1:25 AM

Personally, nothing. I don’t run ads myself, as it isn’t my job. I’m more interested in getting pages up the Google results to help get ‘organic’ traffic (free traffic).
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2:06 PM

I hate it.  But I’ll get used to it.  In fact, it’s sort of an improvement.  Actually I prefer it.  The next one after this will be terrible, surely.

1:54 PM

I don’t get why logos are “due for updates” anyway. Unless there’s a fundamental shift in the business that muddles the logo’s message or they used some very period-specific styling in the first place, there’s no need to change something that currently works. It only makes sense when there’s a functional issue to be Read more

9:01 AM

That is still the first thing I think of when I see a reference to the Ouroboros! Read more

8:49 PM

I would one for free but I have to park it behind the mobile home so no one sees it.

4:14 PM

I’m weird in that I am not often disappointed by the adaptations. Usually, if I enjoyed it, I’m good and if there are differences, I just separate them in my mind. (This isn’t exactly the same, but almost: I have read Stephen King’s Mr. Mercedes trilogy and The Outsider. I am currently watching both adaptations. There Read more

11:37 AM

Agreed - currently about a third of the way through reading it, having just completed First Man, and I’m loving it. Really engaging, funny, and very well written. An intelligent, humble, and extremely eloquent man. 

12:05 PM

Yep, I know. Have had a long time to get used to the idea. Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like to, but the odds are real low. Good thing is I don’t mind buying used/pre-owned, and I know how to take care of cars for a very long time, so it’s not like I’ll have to take the bus or something. :P

2:07 PM

Fast 12's plot has Dom reincarnated as the navigation voice of a 2026 Pacifica hybrid looking to preserve family by jumping a canyon in the United Emirates.
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9:36 AM

Hopefully someday you will, if you want one. I couldn’t afford a new OR used Miata when I was young, so I bought a $3K Spitfire 25 years ago. Still have it, drive it all summer in Maine.

4:26 PM

When have little sports cars EVER been about value? The car exists because it is fun to drive, and for no other reason. It’s a toy, fundamentally. Read more