Jamey Anderson
9:51 PM

ACTUALLY, solar eclipses happen all the time. It wasn’t all that special. He wasn’t stating his opinion. He was informing you of a historical fact. In other words, he was trying to teach you something. Teaching is part of his job description. The manner of how you interpret the lesson taught by Tyson is more of a Read more

12:25 AM

Admittedly, I don’t know the exact economic perameters of what it means for Puerto Rico to be a territory of the U.S. Also, admittedly, I am currently too lazy to look up these perameters. That said, shouldn’t Americans be taking WAY better care of ANY territory that it calls its own? The situation in Puerto Rico Read more

2:10 PM

Lol There does seem to be an inordinate number of duplicitous-ass dudes that call the shots these days.....

4:13 AM

The words “vote, vote, vote” chanted by MINORITY Democrats on the House floor was a battle cry chanted during a HUGE victory as the Republican leadership was laid to waste. The “vote” chant is the turning of the tide. Keep insulting our intelligence, Paul Ryan! Keep stupidly dwelling on the battle’s you’ve won in the Read more