The World of Vee
Jul 28

This. For the last couple decades their strategy has been “Fill every niche. And then create some new ones.”  And now it sounds like the next phase will be to “Simpify”  Flow:Ebb.

Jul 17

That’s what I just learned. Pretty disappointing. I wasn’t even trying to be critical, per se. Just noting that I stumbled over that sentence and found it confusing and it was an easy sentence to fix. 

Jul 15

True. But at least a manual can be had on 4 of the 6 trim levels and not just the bottom ones (I am ignoring the first edition).  That is about as big of a win for the Manual Transmission Preservation Society as can be expected today.

Jul 13

I reckon that your username means you actually HAVE driven a Jeep with a folding windshield, which is why I’ll ask you:
1) Which part of the atrocious experience of having sand and wind just smash straight into your face did you enjoy?
2) Did you drive windshield-down at the speeds above 15mph?
3) Just how often do you Read more

Jul 10

Now where did I say that? Learn to read. While you're at it, look up what happened to Denny and his reaction to his attackers (as well as his 4 Black rescuers). 

Jul 10

You know, Justin...I don’t give a shit about the woman who’s constantly working out with her Nissan Sentra’s spare tire. Do I go into those articles‘ comments and bitch about “you didn’t use to write about working out on top of cars and now instead of thinking about cars, this girl’s making me thinking about how I Read more

Jul 10

To everyone saying “well they shouldn’t be in the middle of the street” Read more

Jul 9

While annoying for the reason you mention, the benefit of being able to order exactly what you want is rare and refreshing.

Jul 8

I use my ST as “fun car” (the truck is the other) for just that reason. Not the most powerful or flashiest, but it is a great car to just hammer on for a bit when you feel like it.

Jul 1

Here’s the deal with that - the people (mostly men I’m assuming) who want luxurious trucks don’t want a luxury badge because it’s not “manly” enough. So as a result you have $80k high end trim levels on very common half ton pickups which these same people are happy to buy.

Jun 16

The funniest thing about that little shade throwing was that this is coming from a guy who paid nearly a grand for a mechanic to do almost nothing of value to his Honda Fit because he knows nothing about cars.

Has he even been to a drag strip or track?

Jun 12

There should just be fucking one service which is HBO. If you have it as a cable package addon and want to stream, you log in with your email from your provider (or have a way to sync your cable HBO to an online HBO account with a code or something). Read more