The World of Vee

A mini with four doors should be called ba maxi just as Sir Issigonis envisioned, and american connotations to hygiene products be damned. 

Oct 19

Sports cars aren’t just about speed and performance. The driving experience is far more important to me than number on paper. I want to feel connected with a car, and feel that a manual transmission is necessary to do so. My truck is automatic and I’m alright with that. The truck is an appliance, not a toy.
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Oct 13

I get it. A lot of the writers on here are too young to remember when cars like this were new. I am. Bottom line? These were great big pieces of shit. Especially this era when GM somehow managed to make a engine coolant that would rot the entire coolant system out. These were made during a sad era of American Read more

Oct 13

I mean, sure different people can have different preferences and all but I don’t even notice the notch. I thought it was going to be annoying but in less than a week it wasn’t even something that entered my consciousness. 

Oct 8

Hell-No to ALL PICKUPS — for now.
At college age, this young feller, and all of his friends will be moving darn-near every year for the next 6 yrs of their lives, and whichever poor schmuck owns a pickup will get called near the end of every single month to help some other fool move. So Chris, unless your last name is Read more

Oct 6

The Elon blumpers really can’t help themselves can they? 

Sep 29

Sure, absolutely life happens which is why it pays to be rational with teh things that you use the most in life and rely on. Read more

Sep 28

YOU should probably reflect on why someone who doesn’t know you got the impression you’re conservative and not very intelligent, so as to not give off those vibes again. Read more

Sep 28

You’re pretty stupid for thinking your explanation/argument held any water. It makes me genuinely sad to read it because I know you were sitting there, sipping your little coffee, so proud to “own” these “woke, liberal” athletes with your logic and reason. Read more

Sep 27

His wearing of a shirt does not interrupt anything that is happening. It is more akin to a sign in the background of a movie, which happens all the fucking time. You, like plenty of other people, are basically saying “shut up and let me live my life without bringing your struggles to my attention”. EVERY. SINGLE. form Read more

Sep 27

I think this is a little bit of a logical fallacy. All the things you listed are forms of entertainment, but motorsport is a real-life, in the moment affair, whereas the other two things you mentioned often take place in a fictional universe Read more

Sep 27

New team name: Mercedes-AMG Petronas-Arrest-The-Cops-That-Killed-Breonna-Taylor Formula One Team.

Sep 27

Imagine thinking anti-fascists and anti-racists are violent terrorists when Nazi Germany and the KKK exist. Read more

Sep 26

I might ordinarily agree with you, but not on this. On racism he is the one person within motor racing that should be heard.