7/13/17 9:57AM

Genuinely curious not trying to get a rise- how are whites taught these things in Kindergarten?

7/13/17 9:31AM

Aren’t all whites racist to some degree whether they know it or not?

7/12/17 5:26PM

No they have their heads buried in their phones clicking skip on Spotify. To be fair I do the same.

7/12/17 5:15PM

This is really sad. Seems like a decent guy. Not that I wish this on anyone but it never seems to happen to countless a-hole athletes out there.

7/11/17 2:52PM

Why must we impose our beliefs to every end of the earth? If this is what the culture believes they must do to keep pure (so long as they aren’t hurting others (terrorisom etc..)) who are we to judge otherwise?

7/11/17 10:27AM

As a white middle class man I’m really having a hard time not hating cops these days.

7/11/17 10:13AM

Stick to the “could it be” questions that we know and love History Channel.

7/11/17 9:45AM

I’m surprised we haven’t heard of anything like this until now. Progress?

7/10/17 2:45PM

As much as I like this tweet, please please please do not run for President,Chelsea

6/10/16 3:34PM

No matter what happens I just want to say thank you to all the Deadspin staff. I started reading your articles about 5 years ago. Before that I barely paid attention to sports news, because I thought they were all like ESPN or SI. You guys helped me to develop a greater love for sports by showing them in a more Read more