Feb 4

Incidentally "only five inches but it looks huge" was my Tinder bio back in the day.

Feb 4

With the current pickup styling trend, I’m surprised no manufacturer has eliminated the windshield yet. They could just raise the hood up to the roof line, put in a front facing camera and a screen for the driver to watch the road ahead. It would free up lots of space for an even bigger grill.

Jan 31

Hot water and crumpled newspaper. Getting windshields squeaky clean, streak free, since the 40's.

Nov 16

I’ve been seeing this a lot since the new consoles are coming out and frankly, I don’t really understand it. You don’t have to upgrade your PC. As long as your PC is at least as good as whatever console is out that generation, you can comfortably play almost any game that comes out and it will look at least as good as Read more

Oct 10

This issue isn’t with installing the CPU. It’s with removing the cooler. Which you have to do some what regularly for maintenance or upgrades. Overclockers and reviewers tend to do this more often than most.

I typically end up pulling my cooler off at least once a year for one reason or another. You have to take it Read more

May 4

And probably stick the landing at google or MS cloud by the end of the week.

Mar 16 2020

$19.99 is too high. At least in my area. They need to charge what the normal price of admission is. For me that would be under $10 at the theater I normally go to.

Sep 9 2019

Ah yes. Roethlisberger & Bonds, two of the biggest egos in the history of Pittsburgh sports. They should join heads (pun) & make ice cream: Ben & Barrys Douche Nozzle Cherry Swirl.

Aug 28 2019

I mean who goes on the internet and visits Pinterest, of all places, for medical information?

Aug 7 2019

Hi Andrew, I’m not trying to tell you how to do you job. But this article is supposed to be about the C8 Corvette. And there is a little too much Nissan Titan and not enough Corevette. Can you put in a towing and payload comparison? Yeah. That’d be great m’kay?

Aug 3 2018

Watch this movie with closed captioning on. At one point, Rodney Dangerfield is credited with “aggressive flatulence.”

Jun 21 2018

I miss having an old shitty car people hate riding in, it’s the best excuse to not waste gas on them and their poor opinions.