Aug 5

I fully agree - the first meeting should not just an intake where you give your life story, it’s for you to ask questions about how THEY approach their work, kinda like you are interviewing them. Read more

Aug 1

You mentioned upthread you are in therapy. That implies to me that you are actively dealing with your trauma, which is something rare in men I have dated, and I want you to know that if you are going to make a $5000 investment in yourself and your ability to be a good partner to women, consider spending $5000 on some Read more

Jul 17

Figuratively, PTSD is past traumas stored in the body, unconscious, somatic... My hope for every man is that they will identify and articulate what their core traumas are, because it’s so much easier for men to NOT process their traumas than it is for them to feel their vulnerable feels. It’s so much healthier to cry Read more

Jul 16

Well speaking as a woman and a (white-passing) person of colour they routinely inspire me about the future of progressive, people-centred politics and remind me that I have personal power, a voice, and value beyond long hair and a smile. Read more

Jul 15

Dude, first off: movie budgets include money earmarked for promotion, usually between 10-35% of the overall budget. Production company net profits are gross revenue minus all expenses, including production and development and staff. I know because it is my industry. Read more

Jul 13

I agree with you, but with a minor adjustment: Forgiveness is something possible to give when an actual amends has been made. Amends are ACTIONS - apologies are too often just “thoughts and prayers” level nothingness. Read more

Jul 3

Dude, I read it as if it was a priest commenting on priests. It scans as the patriarchy saying the quiet part loud about themselves: Read more

Jun 12

I was advised by a friend who went through the court system - took 5 YEARS - that I should not report my assault, because the experience of reporting and the protracted nature of the court was far, far worse than the night he pushed his way into her apartment.
Read more

Apr 23

The fixation you have on arguing that a hugely valuable corporation, the one that owns Star Wars for fuck sake, should focus on protecting their future profitability over the actual people who make it profitable, is gross.

Apr 22

Hey WizardKnight... I am referring to NET PROFITS, not the overall “worth” of the Disney Corp, or its “cash on hand”. You seem to have misunderstood, so I shall explain: Net profits are gross profits, minus the cost of operating the business, which consists of operating parks, retail locations, and production on Read more

Apr 22

Yeah, so... this statement is incorrect. “No corporation” could afford 6 billion dollars to cover (say) a years’ worth of paid leave for their staff BEFORE deciding to lay them off without income or health insurance in a time of crisis? Read more

Jan 13


There is something veeeeeery fishy going on in the energy sector of Ontario right now. I think that this is more likely the work of a whistleblower than a pure training exercise accident, and I am glad the mayors are not letting this slide as if shit like this is normal. Fuck Doug Ford, etc.