The Tunnel
4:00 AM

I work for the U.K. arm of Walmart and although we’ve done some silly stuff in our time. This would of got us sent ‘up to the office’ and words given about messing around on work time. Sure if we did this for a few seconds that’s okay-ish but for three minutes! We’d be told is uncertain terms that our aisle better be Read more

7:22 PM

I really cannot stand the new Williams nose. It looks malformed or undeveloped. Like a half-formed fetus or something. It just give me the creeps. And I hate how the front wing attaches to it. Ugggh. The Force India schnozz from their livery reveal was very nice though.

5:36 PM

Back in my day, no battery could stop me from runnin' down my windows...

3:37 AM

I do believe the correct way to say that is "any vehicle that drives you to the ladies is key to getting them." Because I intuit, from the less than clear video, that lady getting wasn't done from the driver seat. Read more