Mar 3

Where’s the Bernie worship and Liz ignoring in this post? I guess Liz isn’t in this post at all, but Bernie is only mentioned once in an aside that wasn’t glowing at all. Only thing here is Biden bashing because he’s clearly sunsetting. Bringing up Liz or Bernie would be unnecessary to the post

Oct 31

“I feel bad for what’s happened to the site, I do, because people should be free to work at places whose worldview and goal aligns with their own if that’s what they want. The people in charge of this railroading are dicks and should be called out, and I’m glad that is happening. Read more

Oct 30

And since he doesn’t know how to cook or what goes into it, I don’t even want to know what paltry sum he thought her cooking services were worth. Read more

Oct 30

How does a 30 year old man not know how to cook? And not knowing her name, then getting offended when she wouldn’t take his money?

Oct 30

You asked. She said no. End of story. No need to feel weird around each other after that. You continued on and that’s where you turned into the asshole. 

Oct 29

Man, I love people who self-own through being hilariously inept. You know, pumpkin thieves, thin-skinned vulture capitalist owners of blog sites, those kinds of folks. Read more

Oct 25

They should post another one that says: “I am a former social media account manager.”

Oct 25

I’ve been watching MMA since my dad brought a UFC 2 screener home from work in 1994, but I get what you’re saying. I just don't write about MMA as much.

Oct 24 2019

The delicious irony is now that Taubman is himself, in baseball terms, an undervalued asset, no other team will hire him because they’re supposedly bad at analytics (which apparently just means being willing to overlook the fact that he’s a complete asshole).

Oct 24 2019

LOL too late, fuckers. The baseball gods are displeased and I hope you’re unceremoniously dispatched by the Nats ASAP. 

Oct 23 2019

I’ve alerted the Saints. This idea needs to get some traction.