Jul 11

If you can’t find them, you can’t find them. Maybe do a little research to see if you can figure out what they’re worth and submit that along with your claim.

Jul 11

Oh, man... that sucks! I’m so sorry! I think it’s worth contacting the insurance, at least to ask. Replacing your mattress and laptop is important. Do you have receipts for them? Or a credit card/bank statement for the purchases? Insurance will often try and tell you they’re worth less than they are, if you don’t :/

Jul 11

OMG that is terrible, definitely go to renters insurance, and definitely ask your landlord for compensation, that’s ridiculous

Jul 11

Nooooo! I have leaks in the roof (owner here), and I’m up a couple of times a year patching things, and last fall I started getting leaks in the bedroom. I hope I’ve patched everything, but I dread there being a storm when I’m not home to put a plastic tarp over the bed if there’s a new leak. I’m hoping to put on a Read more

Jun 20

Mine too! Except, in a way, not. Because, I mean, how many of us who’ve spent substantial time in academia had to deal with multiple levels of that kind of literally blind BS? How much more outrageous because it’s both a blatant display of bias and blatant abuse of power? Read more

Jun 17

Since we’re offering little known knowledge - especially if it was MEANT to be kept secret - the Republican cheating around voting has already started Read more