Love this. Krasner is doing good things in our city. Is it enough to undo years of cruel policies and enforcement? no. It’s not. But it’s a start in the right direction. Read more

When representation of a group is absent or near absent, then any representation will be welcomed at first; even if it is stereotypes and #face-acting by another ethnicity. As time goes on and representation increases so the quality of that representation needs to improve too or appreciation will drop. The Simpsons is Read more

I can’t wait to see Drag Me To Shell. Read more

Galaxy Quest is a phenomenal movie and if they ruin it with a shitty television adaptation I will never forgive them. Fuck that. Read more

Is it really necessary for such a serious statement after 8 months of dating? That isn’t even the full gestation of an actual baby. Read more

Thank you Joel McHale. I’d extend that moratorium to the new usage of the term “curated.” Putting a bunch of makeup samples in a box does not make you a “curator.” Read more

I love the internet. I love the fact that everyone’s got a camera on them that can send pics to any other camera in the world. But for most of human history, the tiny handful of complete dipshits would basically fly under the radar. People would see them, role or avert their eyes, and then try to forget them. Now they Read more

You know what else shouldn’t be tax exempt? Any church!
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I saw someone say she looks like a Gelfling now, and... I can’t un-see the comparison.

An omelette for Sarah Jessica Parker on her 50th birthday [Daily Mail]

Of course Jessica Biel ordered the turkey melt. Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake are a living turkey melt — take the blandest slab of meat on white bread and add cheese. Read more