Rooo sez BISH PLZ
Friday 4:24PM

That’s not fair.  I’m assuming that all the attention was also a draw.  Narcissistic sociopaths are often attention seeking as well.

Friday 2:53PM

I don’t recall the details but if I remember correctly she started as a somewhat left-wing blogger but quickly realized that a young, attractive (opinions vary but I’m not going to criticize her appearance, some people think she’s hot) Black woman willing to regurgitate conservative talking points would get a lot more Read more

Friday 2:44PM

She’s just another grifter surfing Trump’s wake through the pig waste lagoon of Republican America.

5/06/21 12:19PM

I don’t think it was a reckless slip of saying the quiet part out loud.
It was 100% intentional and on brand. This piece of shit was voted into that position by a majority of piece of shit voters from wherever shithole that asshole is from. He’s just the racist “fuck your feelings” mouthpiece for the Colorado klansmen Read more