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I thought Baron knew all about the Cyber? Read more

I wouldn’t be surprised if this isn’t so much a hack as it is yet another in a long line of people that Trump contracts out for work then refuses to pay. Read more

I disagree that her apology was purely a strategic business decision. I think she meant it and she was taken aback that he didn’t apologize. I think the writers have written that relationship as real, with both of them actually caring for each other and also hurting each other. As Tom said last week, Shiv is a very Read more

How about Angels in America? Talk about playing against type.
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He’s also Hamilton Burger (Ham Burger), the closeted LA district attorney on Perry Mason. Burger and Mencken in a room together would be something.
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I was just about to say this. ATN doesn’t actually control the election count, and they calling it early by mistake, before it’s revealed that Jimenez actually won, can set up the end of Waystar Royco and the end of the kids controlling the company. The share prices plummet and Mattson buys the whole thing for much Read more

They managed to turn Roman from one of my favorite characters to my most hated. This isn’t a dig on the show. I’m just unhappy I fell for the trap of them humanizing him.  Read more

This was my reaction. I love Justin Kirk and it wasn’t until tonight that I realized his character was so Trump-esque. He’s also been awesome on Perry Mason. Read more

Kendall was right about people being crap at making deals. Shiv suffers the biggest loss in the show to date, as does the nation, due to not making even an offer to Greg. Read more

Maybe this is just copium on my part, but I don’t actually think ATN calling it for Mencken will actually make him win. Part of the Roys’ whole journey is them learning that they are not, in fact, their father: they have immense power, of course, but they cannot bend the entire world to their whim just by saying so. I Read more

Goddamn. This bordered on the trauma of 2016 with this hour going from watching the dysfunction of a billionaire family to something America has been has been trying to survive and re-coiling for 7 years. With far, far more information recently of impossibly monied interests able to manipulate media, sew confusion Read more

Another episode owned by Sarah. That was amazing to watch as Shiv watched Kendall make the call that would expose her entire plan. Read more

People are going to die because of this petty, self-entitled asshole. Read more

It’s not a long con. It’s just the kind of people who all too often seek out public office. I work in politics/campaigns/governments in a different state. Our state legislature is riddled with petty, self-aggrandizing sociopaths just like Cotham. They don’t flip parties because that would consign themselves to Read more

I think the most interesting thing here (other than Cotham’s level of commitment to her heel turn and the legality of abortion in North Carolina) is that IHOP is apparently the go to spot for bestowing giant bags of cash (which is not totally surprising, as you want your hands free at Waffle House).

Petty, vindictive, narcissistic, she sounds perfect for the GOP. Read more

We need/should require politcal recall options EVERYWHERE! How this is possible is incredible. Other places a politican loses the confidence of their constituents, they get pulled from their respresentation.  Not a few years later after their harm is done.   Breech of contract, breech of trust, election fraud Read more

I think these party switchers are part of a long con. GQP is running Manchurian Candidates for lack of a better word. We will see more of this. Read more

right? life has certainly handed her a whole entire basket of fresh citrus here, but damned if she didn’t go paint that shit gold
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