Oct 26 2017

Listening to Cowher and Neon Dipshit defend this is amazing. It’s now Flacco’s fault for not getting down sooner. Read more

Oct 15 2017

I’m a Pats fan and I cannot understand for the life of me how that wasn’t a touchdown. Never mind a fumble through the endzone and a touchback.
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Sep 25 2017

“We’re sorry we were caught charging $4.50 for tap water. In the future, we will conceal it in Dasani bottles like Coca-cola already does.”

Sep 24 2017

People have a right to protest. That is the bloody essence of America.

Sep 24 2017

Which can be countered with: “That Constitution you claim to uphold? Yeah, you can’t really pick and choose which parts of it you respect. This really is one of those “all or nothing” deals and if you fire me for exercising my 1st amendment rights, I’m going to sue your ass.” That’s the American way. And I hope to Read more

Aug 10 2017

You forgot the most important part about how to get on with life afterwards: start collecting bottlecaps.

Aug 4 2017

So I take it you were driving the miata.

Jul 12 2017

I wish this would get more popular as an event. Since the criminal act of paving Pikes Peak all the way up, this should absolutely be heralded as the great hillclimb event of the US.

May 22 2017

Has nothing to do with radiator being blocked, his rode his clutch until it exploded taking the bellhousing with it and probably more. Dude is extremely lucky he didn’t lose a leg/foot.

Apr 2 2017

Drivers are definitely all men and men are the only good drivers

Mar 15 2017

Can we all applaud and celebrate that he used landscape mode?

Feb 5 2017

The tears on this website might be a close second. It’s a fucking football game, not a metaphor for the country.
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