therevengeofthesaab (really likes pre-2005 hondas right now)

Although old, if they made a street legal roadcar version of the Furai....

“those “Canadians” are usually racists” Read more

Hillary Clinton murdered Vince Foster. Read more

Bring it on, haters. I love the EG Civic hatch.


I would love to piss them off by putting an SR20DET into a Nova. Read more

Well, it's a car meant to save the world. Which it doesn't. Read more

"We've all visited the switch room."
"What?! No you haven't, it's only been the first week!"
"Yeah, I know, but we all broke into it before we got thrown into prison. That's why we're here."
"Shit." Read more

As a 240Z, I can confirm all of the above statements. Read more

General Motors

You know what would make this thread awesome? Pictures.

I thought bringing back the grey comments was going to allow picture posting again? What gives? Now we have annoying gray comments (95% of which deserve approval), and STILL no pictures. Worst of both worlds. Read more

We'll see who still has a job in media in five years.

Head gasket failure at 7,000 feet OH NOES. Read more

Aventador. I just want to go one week — one motherfucking week — without getting photos, videos or a news tip about some rich asshat with more cash than driving skills crashing his Aventador. Lamborghini should secretly de-tune them all to 210 horsepower at the wheels and just not tell anyone. We'd probably all be Read more

Well, it really started with illegal street racing, although I did get into some heavy stuff. Ended up pissing off some drugs lords and ultimately ripping a bank vault out of a police headquarters in South America with two Dodge Chargers. My name's Dom, by the way. Read more

To Chevrolet, Electric Cars are Gay

No. it's just the conservatives that twist everything up and make it a bad thought. Look at other countries and how they have free healthcare and education. Sure they pay higher taxes, but really.. they save so much more not having to shell out $8,000 for a 3hr hospital visit (ask me how i know). Read more