Nov 9

I pretty much always have a mask on while driving these days. And the main reason is simple, I have to wear a mask to pass through my apartment building to get to/from my car, so why even bother taking it off in the car? And of course you aren’t supposed to touch your mask including to take it off unless you can wash Read more

Sep 2

I can’t tell if anything you typed out is serious, but you know that the drums and flats are both part of the wing, right? 

May 21

So, kind of like somewhere in the middle, like a solid Kevin Smith, i.e.- kinda cool but undeniably geeky.

May 12

The main animation is the same from the one they did 5 years ago so it’s not so much a direct ‘Copy’ but yeah it does seem they are following the footsteps of branding everything under a ‘PS Studios’ brand

May 8

LOL, They made a joke about the Vikings fucking orgy boat.

Mar 31

This is a good idea, and here is why.

Heavily vegetable-topped pizzas can have a lot of water on top if they are prepared incorrectly; and cutting said pizza will lead to a box so soggy that the pizza falls through it onto my shoes which WERE flyknit Nikes and now I have hot pizza water BURNING MY FEET and that’s how Read more

Feb 13

Man, that image is bad. You can practically see where the artist made a pretty typical looking dog / fox thing with a crystal at the top of its head, and the boss was like “okay, but let’s stretch it’s head straight up in Photoshop so it’s way out of proportion without actually updating the rest of the design to make

Jan 28

ok but that’s the most scripted looking dive I’ve seen outside of Spanish Futbol.

Jan 13

hi! that’s me in the clip. just came here to say that the “normal items” mode makes it so that players in the back get better items, middle gets pretty good items, and the front gets mostly defense items. learning how to manipulate these items makes luck less of a factor (although i won’t deny that it’s still very Read more

Dec 29

Seriously, fellow fans, I think we all need to step back and get some perspective here. Accusing JJ and Disney of pandering to racists and sexists is downright fucking absurd and just giving power to the toxic vocal minority trolls by letting them dictate the discussion around these films. This is not a civil war, Read more

Nov 26 2019

Screw this.  If k or ok does the job that is what I am using.  If you can’t handle it.....too bad.

Nov 18 2019

The new shoes are much closer to his actual shoes. The old ones looked nothing like the ones he actually wears. What’s the complaint?

Nov 13 2019

Yes, but dammit, we COOK with it. Let’s see you make all your lovely baked goods, sauces, and mac n cheese dishes without it! Read more

Nov 12 2019

One of the worse things I see in this report is the ignoring of the construction workers. I’m a good enough engineer to know I don’t know everything. A guy with a high school education that has actually done stuff with his hands and not just on a computer knows a lot more about how things actually work than I do. Some Read more