....and it probably still cost under 20 bucks to make, so what’s your point? Have you seen Lego lately? A BUNCH of its stuff is licensed. And even the shit that isn’t licensed is priced like it is. Read more

Good chance he was making about as much (or more) as these 150 employees, so there’s that. Read more

By way of comparison, NBC only let one employee go today. Read more

evolution exists, but if you work for google they will fire your ass for saying it Read more

Eventually people are going to realize password managers make for low hanging fruit. Crack one manager Database and you have tens of thousands to millions of user credentials. Didn’t even take that much effort just a willingness to work janitorial and a keylogger......
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It’s almost like the writers here have absolutely no exposure to the real world. Read more

 500-ponies at tits massive
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I picture Tesla’s target as hipsters that are aging themselves early in their quest for other people’s misspent youth, self conscious green freaks with an axe to grind against themselves and rich assholes who want to get easy sex with the afforementioned green freaks or hipsters. Mostly because thats the kind of Read more

If you don’t watch yer speed, you can’t have any traction. How can you have any traction if you don’t watch yer speed Read more

After the car was Welcomed to the Machine (shop), he decided to Take it back, Have a cigar with High hopes and Speak to me about the crash In Flesh. He said the Young lust made him Learn to fly into The Wall.
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The story of The Dark Side Of The Hoon is a tale as old as Time and was bound to happen One Of These Days. There was A Momentary Lapse of Traction, and despite Mason’s best efforts of Turning Away he became Just Another Mc In the Wall, resulting in The Great Ding in the Side. When Mason saw the damage he felt so much Read more

A Momentary Lapse of Traction Read more

A classic supercar got driven in anger and picked up the scars to prove it? As opposed to staying a garage queen? Read more

Am I old when the discussion of 2nd races immediately makes me dream of Watkins Glen and Mosport Park? Read more

Would probably get decent support for a new Watkins Glen GP. Make F1 and American racing great again. Read more

Speaking of “pussy ass bitches”, how does it feel to jump out of your skin over two typed words that were probably meant as a joke? Read more

You value a dogs life which is trying to kill a human over a humans life? Something is wrong with you. Read more

You realize that if a dog bites you in America very often the govt has it killed right? The dog dies either way. Read more

“The last time a aircraft carrier has been used in battle was in World War II” Read more

Shit, I didn’t know they were letting 12-year-old Call of Duty players comment on Lifehacker now. Read more