Jul 21

Get a bike. Sacrifice a little safety for cheap speed. Plus the feeling is like no other. Manual everything, leaning through the turns, singing at the top of her rev range, nothing around you to block the view. Ecstacy. Cars are fucking boring. At least the ones I can afford are. Or not. *shrug*

Jun 4

Don’t forget that he then escaped the mob of mostly white folks (thank you guys) beating his ass and then proceeded to lying on television about how “two black males” did the beating. No such thing happened. 

Mar 4

Try a rock to the knuckle or kneecap at freeway speed! Even a small rock through armored leather... FUCK! Gravel trucks are the devil.

Jan 22

What is it with Jalops and the obsession with small ass wheels? 17 minimum. Even old cars. Enough with this bullshit, thank you.

Jan 2

Could they have found a slower rider on earth!? Guy looks like a Jalopnik reader at his first trackday on a fucking Suzuki Bergman!! Read more

Nov 14

Sad to see him go. Endless respect and appreciation for Mr. Martello y Mantequilla. One of my favorite riders of all time. Fast as the wind, smooth as silk, tough as nails. Sorry it ended up so rough at the end there, Zo. Read more

Aug 6 2019

Full Japanese VIP style. SLAMMED on air. Huge JDM wheels. Perfect concours paint. Body kit. Rear window curtains.

May 10 2019

Dude. You’re gonna get somebody killed with this bullshit. DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS MAN!!