Jan 29

These are incredible numbers from a stock turbo. My guess is, with an aftermarket tune, and a larger turbocharger, this car might do two seconds, flat. I’m not sure how much these turbos are tuned for low-end, off the line torque, but my gut tells me with a quarter mile time like that, they have to come on boost Read more

Jan 16 2020

Aftermarket doesn’t equal OEM my good friend. The only really interesting LS/LT motor from an engineering or driving experience standpoint from the factory was the LS7, and that was before 2010. Read more

Jan 16 2020

LS engines aren’t particularly reliable on road courses. I have seen many, many killed LS engines at track days due to oiling problems, overheating, etc. Sure you can throw on an aftermarket oil pan, massive oil cooler, massive radiator, and pray... but they’re definitely on the less reliable side once you spend time Read more

Nov 19 2019

As a corner worker i concur.  A metal wheel deforms, carbon BREAKS and now clean up is a bitch....

Oct 16 2019

I believe it. My Audi A3 2.0t (same MQB platform as the GTI) pulls 0.94g on a skidpad on summer tires, whereas my previous 2008 Legacy GT only managed 0.87g on summer tires in top spec.B trim with a revised suspension. Read more

Oct 14 2019

“So the air is going to go down the back window, along the trunk, up the lip spoiler and go crashing in to the basket-handle-spoiler. Sure, that’ll work!” Read more

Sep 2 2019

I am a child in one of these ~$200K families. We live in the district for the #1 rated high school in all of Georgia. Just to save time for all of you pedophiles who will begin searching for me, that’s north Fulton County, a suburb called alpharetta. When my dad got his job in greater Atlanta, we had to move. My Read more

Aug 23 2019

Those items are related... sort of, but not the way you think. Rotaries burn oil because it’s injected into the combustion chamber intentionally. If you look at my avatar you can see how the corners of that little spinny triangle are always touching the walls of the chamber the rotor is in. To lubricate the apex Read more

Jun 17 2019

Here we go again - needs vs wants. Tough to comprehend right? People buy them because they WANT Them. Do you feel this strongly about Camaros\Corvettes etc cruising around and not being used on race tracks? Do you see someone in a North Face jacket and scream inside that they should only wear those jackets if taking Read more

Apr 17 2019

I had a Crosstrek as a loaner with a CVT and my wife owned a Rogue with a CVT.  Both were miserable to drive.

Apr 17 2019

Just had a 2019 Outback from Hertz for a week. While not as bad as the Infiniti I had last week, the CVT was still mind-numbingly soul-crushing. CVTs are pitiful.

Mar 25 2019

I wouldn’t be too harsh on that statement. Being roughly 10% or so different could be reasonably said to be “in the same ballpark”. Read more

Mar 2 2019

They have to make money too, otherwise they wouldn’t be a business, so my offer isn’t a lowball and usually comes out winning for both sides.” Read more