Is it me or does Ray Fisher strike you as someone who was done wrong but is also kind of an asshole? See: Rose McGowan. Read more

Yep - this started for me last week. No stars for anyone.
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It seems to be going around. I can star if I go to people’s history, but not from articles or my feed. Gotta be the update. It’ll pass. Read more

What a teaching moment! That kid will ALWAYS remember that night he didn’t get paid for being in a shoe commercial. Read more

I read his autobiography, I Am Jackie Chan. Reading about his chinese opera upbringing was so crazy to me. I'd always known that it was a very athletic form of theatre, but I had no idea that it was basically like a boarding house dojo kind of deal. I also had no idea that Samo Hung was one of his "Big brothers" Read more

Again, not within the realm of possibility. Allow me to elaborate. First, some corrections.

1. The Soviets developed the Shekval as a last ditch delivery vehicle for tactical nukes to counter the fact that US subs were undetectable. No navies actually deploy Shekval (not even the Russians). That should be your first Read more

The Kyln is actually in New Jersey, so spray tan is applied to all people entering the facility. Read more