In what way is a Fit a shitbox? True, they’re far from the most luxurious new car you can buy, but they are reliable, capable, versatile transportation with features that would have cost six figures fifteen years ago. Read more

Nissan products are so old the company thinks they invented market segments. Next they'll say the 370Z was the first sports car.  Read more

Scrolled down to make sure the Astro was mentioned, satisfied. Read more

I borrowed one in 2018, in Wales. A clattery old NA diesel with 200k-ish miles and poorly tuned, proven by clouds of soot at a cold start. But man did I love driving that car in Wales. Very comfortable, very fun in a slow car fast way and more capable than the narrow tires would make you believe. I was told by people

A Peugeot 406 is a cockroach though. More reliable than many (not all) Japanese cars from the era. I own the coupe version with 358k km (222k miles) on the odometer. It feels like it can take many more. And no, it’s not a diesel. You can only kill these when you never change the oil and treat the gas pedal as an

That is 100% false. I suggest you look up why they actually changed the engine requirements.

Took me about 1.6 times longer than it should have to get the joke Read more

Abby’s database is really just a link to jalopnik. Read more

It’s been my profile picture for a long time now, any aspiring facial hair growers should take note of his extravagant yet classic look.

I’m fascinated by his videos. Namely in that they’ve been steadily, consistently getting worse over time with no obvious or singular fall from grace. It’s kind of impressive. Read more

LOL you think someone in the market for a Class A Winnebago can afford a Westfalia? Read more

This feels like a great place to quote Car & Drivers instrumented test from 1994: Read more

Fuck we are going to have to put up with like 8 years of comments like this aren’t we?
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“Is a thing” is perhaps the most over-used Millennial phrase in existence... How about we instead say something like this? Read more

This is why people find gearheads insufferable. Instead of actually contributing towards someone’s ability to earn a living in an industry that makes it difficult to own a brick-and-mortar storefront, money-sink/weekend hipster transportation/instagram background prop is your take (As if that’s at all original) ? Read more

It’s not a Skyline to people who have only played Gran Turismo and are unaware that the Skyline has always been available in mundane, boring forms and trims. Read more

As a lot of commenters have already pointed out, the problem is that people associate tall sidewalls with cheap, base-spec cars. The solution is obviously to bring back whitewalls. Read more

What car did this come off of? I thought Jeep discontinued 2WD back in 2011.