I remember when it came out in theaters and my exact words to my friends afterward were “Man that movie was great, but I wish they hadn’t called it Final Fantasy.  I think I’d have enjoyed it more if I hadn’t gone in with those expectations.” Read more

I just don’t think a one off musical episode is enough to sink the series how often did we have to watch the TNG crew larp in the holodeck? The only thing I think this show COULD do to sink the series for me is not address that within a relatively short period of time Pike Blew up a fuel refinery and had an ambassador Read more

two big a man man to have a widdle singy song episode? Grow up Read more

Firstly, that was La’an, not Ortegas. Absolutely no clue what you’re talking about with him going back for her, they’ve had very brief interactions since she time traveled (because as this episode shows she’s been actively trying to avoid that). He spent a lot of time with Uhura though. Read more

It never ceases to amaze me that people care so much about footwear that they have to be this adamantly against people wearing something they feel comfortable with... Read more

I started working at a high school in March and I would guess 70 percent of the kids wear them. They put pins on them and stuff. They’re very popular. Read more

Based off the commercial for the season finale, this episode of IASIP is based off of Glenn’s resent trouble with his Tesla, so that should be a joy to watch. Read more

The most confounding sub is Carol Burnett not getting a Guest Actress for a Drama Series nomination for BCS Read more

Then you show up early and get a spot close to the stage.  You don’t go pushing your way through a crowd because you were too lazy to show up early.  Sucks to suck and they deserved to embarrassed.  Read more

At the moment, this is an Epic Game Store exclusive. Read more

Yeah, not really a problem for me since I never plan on upgrading if I can help it. Read more

From the short test drives I’ve taken with Windows 11...I hate it as well. Seems like they wanted to land somewhere between MacOS and mobile platforms, but failed to truly grasp what makes either of those work, and in doing so, are actually alienating long time Windows users with bizarre conventions and unfamiliar layo Read more

So.. what do you like better about Win10? I upgraded my gaming PC to Win11 months ago, and my Surface Pro came with it. It’s fine. It’s really not that different from 10.  Read more

Windows 11 - Joining the long and distinguished ranks of Window Me, Vista, and 8 in the Order of MS OS’s Nobody Wanted and Nobody Used. Read more

I’ve still got my expansion pack, but where are you supposed to jam it in on the switch?


Just ordered one for my soon to be four year old. (The clock, not a Rolex. He's a Breitling kid.) Read more

Chicago has so many neighborhood dives, I hope they stay forever. Read more

I’m a bit prejudiced but my hometown of Chicago has the finest selection of dive bars. A real dive bar has a personality. People choose their favorite bar, they find one that fits them. After I moved to a different place, I found that what people there referred to as dive bars were only dumps, offering nothing.  Read more