themeaghanshow: season 3
Oct 27

THANK YOU for asking this question. I understand why she’s popular on TikTok. I don’t understand why people are treating her like some comedic genius. It’s a funny bit, but she’s literally just lip syncing. I was confused when I heard she was getting a show. 

Sep 20

The fact that it’s a surprise to you that Rob Reiner is a liberal tells me that this the first time you’ve heard of Rob Reiner.

Sep 20

What? Where have you been??? Rob Reiner has been an outspoken lefty for DECADES and not just performative, regardless of whatever his net worth might be.

Apr 8

I went through the same with my grandmother (it took forever for the doctors to diagnose it...which is from what I understand pretty typical), and yet in this particular instance, her granddaughter is pretty fucking empathy-free.

Apr 8

I was always taught not to speak ill of the dead. So i’ll end this comment here. 

Mar 17

This honestly isn’t true, because the demographics Sanders has staked his campaign on are unreliable voters. They couldn’t even carry him to the Democratic nomination, much less carry him to victory in a general election. Frankly, as much as it pains Bernie’s fans to hear, Biden has more of a chance of appealing to Read more