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Oct 27

THANK YOU for asking this question. I understand why she’s popular on TikTok. I don’t understand why people are treating her like some comedic genius. It’s a funny bit, but she’s literally just lip syncing. I was confused when I heard she was getting a show. 

Sep 20

The fact that it’s a surprise to you that Rob Reiner is a liberal tells me that this the first time you’ve heard of Rob Reiner.

Sep 20

What? Where have you been??? Rob Reiner has been an outspoken lefty for DECADES and not just performative, regardless of whatever his net worth might be.

Apr 8 2020

I went through the same with my grandmother (it took forever for the doctors to diagnose it...which is from what I understand pretty typical), and yet in this particular instance, her granddaughter is pretty fucking empathy-free.

Apr 8 2020

I was always taught not to speak ill of the dead. So i’ll end this comment here. 

Mar 17 2020

This honestly isn’t true, because the demographics Sanders has staked his campaign on are unreliable voters. They couldn’t even carry him to the Democratic nomination, much less carry him to victory in a general election. Frankly, as much as it pains Bernie’s fans to hear, Biden has more of a chance of appealing to Read more

Feb 22 2020

Except you obviously did NOT pay for a seat that fits your body if, you know, it doesn’t fit your body. And again, that’s the airline’s fault, not the fault of the poor schmuck stuck in front of you.

Feb 20 2020

Yeah seriously that’s absolutely a thirsty post just screaming for someone to say ‘But y tho??’ Read more

Feb 20 2020

There’s no way to post vague negative sentiments followed by “don’t ask why” to social media and not come off as passive aggressive, whiny, and attention-seeking.

Feb 19 2020

Bizarre tone here. Instead of “centering on the victim” you’re leveraging her abuse into some weird tone policing argument, while treating her abuse as a handy prop. 

Feb 18 2020

I love her so. I hate that the media is pretending she doesn’t exist while also letting/helping Bloomberg literally buy his way into the nomination.

Feb 13 2020

Holy shit. I actually agree with a publicist. This is turning into a very weird day. 

Feb 13 2020

Natalie is an Academy award winning, long-time actress who could command a lot of control over the projects she chooses.” Read more

Feb 13 2020

And yet she’s still done more than McGowan who so far has done little for anyone but herself and labelled other activists as “douchebags” and “sellouts”, who’ve raised millions to support victims, because she didn’t get invited to their lunches and didn’t get press for herself in certain magazines. Read more

Feb 10 2020

Warren is funny. Also warm and charming. Or if you check Bernie twitter, “a snake”, “shrew”, and a “bitch”.

Feb 10 2020

She has always told us who she is and has laid out her plans in great detail, and she has not deviated from her messaging since she announced. So as far as I can tell, she’s always been pretty forthright. Read more

Feb 10 2020

I will vote blue no matter who of course. But I will always hold a grudge against those who brought this woman down because she dared to tell us the truth that M4A will not be done overnight and will cost a lot in both money and massive job displacements.