3/31/21 1:51PM

Pretty much any time you see a very defined, muscular man on a magazine cover or in a film, he has dehydrated himself beforehand. Read more

3/31/21 1:47PM

Pretty much any time you see a very defined, muscular man on a magazine cover or in a film, he has dehydrated himself beforehand. Read more

3/30/21 8:56PM

An Israeli moving into someone else’s space without permission? Surely you jest.

3/30/21 5:24PM

p.s. If I see anyone wearing WBS gear, I have to assume they are Nazi Skinheads or Proud Boys (same thing). Read more

3/23/21 10:10AM

Sure, the Tesla was totally going to kill the driver on that last turn where it didn’t sense the oncoming vehicles. Sure, the Tesla would have been pushed into oncoming traffic if rear-ended by anyone else approaching behind it during any of the turns. But, uh, yeah, that’s it. Don’t trust AI not to kill you.

3/22/21 5:47PM

Anyone else bothered that huge corporation is allowed to do unregulated testing on public roads, with thousands of non-consenting test subjects on the road with them? If that Tesla decides to turn into oncoming traffic, or an occupied crosswalk, lives could be forever altered.

3/21/21 2:22PM

Wouldn’t be wonderful if we had a system of health care that people wouldn’t have to depend on the kindness of strangers?

3/21/21 12:36PM

Am I the only one bothered by the fact that the car is angled into traffic and the wheel is turned waiting for the opportunity to make the left turn? Read more

3/18/21 8:13AM

It’s literally all in that 3000 word screed she put out. She compares the issues of transmen to how when she had mental health issues and issues with her father she’d liked to have become a man (I.e “I got help so didn’t but these people need it”) and right before the end talks about how letting “males” into the Read more

3/18/21 6:48AM

The OC hit my high school like a meteor in that first season, and then instantly no one talked about it after that. Years later I’d be absent-mindedly watching reruns in the background as I worked, and discovered that it may be the only high school show that actually got better when it went to college. Or at least, Read more

3/18/21 2:35AM

To this day, I still say the first short season, 7 eps of the OC are the greatest 7 first eps of any show, ever. It just did it ALL. What I loved most about that show, which was clear from the beginning, was that it had no interest in stretching out storylines for entire seasons. They just did the story, blasted Read more

3/17/21 8:38PM

I wonder if Fiennes would dismiss Rowling’s bullshit as “difference of opinion” if she was saying that PoCs should ride different transit to minimize racial tension. Read more

3/17/21 2:03PM

Dude shot up an asian massage parlor in the same strip mall as a strip club and you wanna say it’s about his sex addiction and not about race. FOH

3/17/21 8:42AM

Could also be he has a thrill seeking personality, and being with the same person all the time counters that so he’s just bored easily.