Oct 16 2016

“if you don’t rob this bank, we’ll blackmail your motherboard”

Sep 29 2016

Am I the only one who would like to see the 488 in the exact color as Pipers vintage toys?

Sep 26 2016

The Swizz using secrecy and shady dealing to make money, using assets not belonging to them? That’s a bold claim.

May 13 2016

Beat me to it. Those early GM airbag steering wheels were the worst. They were enormous and blocked the gauges, not to mention lookand feel horrendously cheap. It was so out of place in the Esprit - being lifted straight out of a Saturn.

Jan 5 2016

So, I know I’m late to the party on this post (was stuck at work -__-) and I’m probably in the Grey and/or probably gonna get buried, but I gotta chime in here. Just wanted to address some things I’ve seen in the comments: Read more

Oct 9 2015

0.31 seconds here. .23 seconds there. Who cares? This is like telling your buddy that you slept with 3 supermodels and one made you cum a split second faster than the other two and therefore she is the best dick sucker.