TheLOUDMUSIC- Put it in H!

Counterpoint: no they shouldn’t Read more

Everyone is missing the joke and I’m not sure if it makes me want to laugh or cry. Read more

This is a horrible use of that engine, the Atom was fine the way it was.
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Get on my level

Free Avery beer is always a great reward! Read more

Free Avery beer is always a great reward!

You list taco trucks as a failure? Why do you hate America? Read more

Comparing a twin forced induction setup to a N/A engine? How does that make any sense? Take any large displacement engine and strap two turbos on it and you’ll be well on your way to 1000hp if not more without any trouble. Hell even the hated 4.8L LS makes 1000hp with a single turbo, let alone something as big as a Read more

Don’t you even START with that crap. Strap twin turbos to this and you’re knocking on 1000hp. Read more

If you keep trying it, the sound goes away after a while, once it’s broken in.
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Spoken like a true city-dweller. Read more

Actually, I think that is why a lot of Aventadors burn. The exhaust shoots fire, but if the car isn’t actually moving it burns the bodywork back there instead. Read more

Reminder: the Chevy SS is still a car that is on sale and can be purchased by you.