Mar 27 2018

In todays social setting and climate, if you’re a high-profile black male married to a black woman, that in itself signals a certain black consciousness (double consciousness?) and an instinct for historical continuity. My gut says the black woman will automatically trigger a certain level of militancy with a Read more

Mar 15 2018

The issue I always have with people talking about voting third-party, is that the third party candidates aren’t about jack shit either. This isn’t a “Democrats and Republicans and the two party system” problem; it’s a “white people run the federal government” problem. Read more

Feb 20 2018

You don’t see a difference between debunking a magic act and pushing someone to commit murder?

Jan 5 2018

Before you bail, know that Gaiman is one of the candidates to take over the show. Im thinking he knows the material...

Dec 7 2017

The staccato in her speech made each of those claps exist and not exist at the same time. Sharon Reed just invented Schrodinger’s Clapback and should be up for the Nobel Prize in Physics for that shit.

Nov 6 2017

Agreed. Disney has a romantic image in our country, but they’re still a heartless international corporation. They just have a lot more fanboys than most heartless international corporations.

Nov 6 2017

As much as I’d love to see Mr Fantastic and Iron Man onscreen together, this is much bigger than watching all our favourite Marvel characters in the same franchise. This is all about media plurality and choice.

Oct 18 2017

“Will have” is litigation-speak for “I already have this but I’m not going to admit it because I want to see if you turn it over in discovery because if you don’t, then I’m going balls-to-the-wall after your ass. In the alternative, I don’t have anything but I want to make sure that whatever you do have gets turned Read more

Oct 9 2017

God, I hope your proud of yourself for posting the most obvious, stupid pun imaginable. And beating me to it.

Oct 3 2017

Even with that hard break looming, Kelly still managed to find time to explain the hard break twice and put forth an opposing opinion.